Street Food in Udaipur That Will Satiate Your Hungry Soul

With the magnificent Lake Pichola glistening on one side and the mighty Aravalli hemmed around the other, the beautiful city of Udaipur is set majestically. A romantic destination in the historically rich state of Rajasthan, this city of lakes boasts of not just royal palaces but also delectable street food. Drawing tourists from across the globe, the quaint setting of this city makes it a must visit spot on every globetrotter's list. But what is the point of a holiday if there is nothing to appease the palate? Found in 1553 by the king of Mewar, Maharaja Udai Singh II, the city of Udaipur is the home to some of India's mouth-watering fast food.

So here are some crowd-pleasing kiosks that serve legendary street food in Udaipur that are guaranteed to satiate your hungry soul:

1. Poornima - Vada Pav

One of India's absolute favourite street food is the Vada Pav. A crisply fried potato patty is placed horizontally inside a soft bun with a generous spread of spicy green chutney and a fried chilly on the side. This authentic Marathi snack is a crowd pleaser. Replicating the taste of a staple Maharastran Vada Pav, the Poornima Vada Pav stall in Udaipur is sold out every day! Awaken your taste buds with this spicy and flavorful snack the next time you are in Udaipur.
street food in udaipur, Poornima vada pav

2. Jain Nashta Centre - Poha 

Did someone say yummy roadside poha? The Jain Nashta Centre is famous for its light, fat-free and fresh poha it serves every day along with staples like samosa, namkeen, tea and coffee. A favourite breakfast in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, poha with a cup of hot masala chai is ideal to quench all your breakfast cravings at Chauraha Road in Udaipur.
street food in udaipur, Jain Nashta centre

3. Vinod Coffee House

Udaipur's famous hangout for the youth, Vinod Coffeehouse serves authentic Kulhad tea and coffee with small bites. Kulhad, earthen clay pots, add a beautiful rustic flavour to the drink. With the breathtaking Fateh Sagar Lake as its background, this tapri offers more than just hot beverages. Enjoy a warm cuppa as you take in the natural beauty of Udaipur's breathtaking sunset.
street food in udaipur, Vinod Coffee House

4. Chetak - Boiled Egg Bhurji

Egg bhurji with a twist, Chetak's famous boiled, scrambled egg curry is as mysterious as it sounds. A secret recipe of Udaipur's oldest family-run stall, here you will find the quintessential boiled egg cooked on a flat pan with hearty gravy. The gravy is made with onions, tomatoes, and spices that add a zing to the egg. Try this egg-licious dish with bread on a pleasant winter evening at Udaipur.
street food in udaipur, Chetak egg bhurji

5. Sindhi - Falooda

After a lip-smacking spicy meal at Chetak, one needs to cool their palate down. To appetize the dessert hungry soul, you have to head to Sindhi Falooda, Udaipur's favourite bowl of comfort. With an array of flavours to choose from, Kesar Pista is a crowd favourite. Head over and grab a bowl before 8:00 PM because this famous stall gets sold out pretty soon!
street food in udaipur, Sindhi Kulfi

6. Panchwati - Maggi, and Sandwich

A plate full of warm happiness and yummy sandwiches are a mood-uplifting snack. Grab Udaipur's best potato, chutney, and cheese sandwiches with a plate of hot masala Maggi for an indulgent evening of gluttony. Tourists from across the globe come to Udaipur and gratify their cravings at this prominent snack corner.
street food in udaipur

7. Pandit - Pav Bhaji

India's local street food has some lip-smacking dishes that have gained prominence among travellers from across borders. One such celebrated dish is pav bhaji. Made with fresh vegetables, sauteed in oil and Indian spices the bhaji is a spicy-tangy curry, which is eaten with soft buttered buns. A generous scoop of butter adorns the bhaji along with some freshly chopped onions and chillies as accompaniments. Along with this Pandit's stall also offers sandwiches, Chinese noodles and Jain versions of these items (i.e. without onion and garlic!).
street food in udaipur

8. Manak Balaji - Mirchi Vada

Indians love chilly, and it is no hidden fact that we try to incorporate it into our food that leaves foreigners bewildered. But Manak Balaji's is Udaipur's exclusive maker of the delicious Mirchi vada. Mini versions of green chillies stuffed with curried potatoes and coated with gram flour (besan) are deep-fried in oil. These delights are served hot and fresh to customers who have been visiting this small outlet for decades. If you enjoy spicing up your taste buds every once in a while, this spot should be on your go-to list in Udaipur.

street food in udaipur, Manak Balaji vada pav

9. Fatehsagar - Momos

A northeastern snack, momos has officially become the most loved snack in India. Super easy to find a stall in every corner of the city, momos are the most difficult street food to replicate in taste with their authentic counterpart. However, Fatehsagar's Bombay Market offers a plate of plump appetizing momos with a zesty schezwan sauce and mayo dip. Steamed or fried, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, grab your self a plate as you enjoy a casual evening stroll on the streets of Udaipur.
street food in udaipur

10. Neelam Restaurant

On a street food venture in Udaipur? Check out Neelam Restaurant, near Chandpole. They serve food that tastes just like home-made food, at very low prices. Located near the beautiful Jagdish temple, this little restaurant is easy to spot. If you are tired after a tour to City Palace or after shopping around that area, you can have a hearty lunch at Neelam. The restaurant is run by a family and named after Neelam aunty, the cook. Their hospitality is unmatched. They also have Rajasthani thalis on their menu, for as low as INR 170. The unlimited thali there is a huge hit. Also, now they have a WiFi connection too. The restaurant offers a decent view of Gangaur Ghat area. This place is highly recommended if you are a traveller, away from home because the food being home-made, quality remains uncompromised.

11. Kachoris

If you take an early morning stroll on the streets of Udaipur, you will find a lot of fulfilling breakfast options. The thought of having a crisp kachori with imli ki chutney with a cup of tea bursts a bubble of euphoria in our hearts. Udaipur has several little outlets that specialise in kachoris, to never let you go unsatisfied. Here's a little guide to some of the places serving the best Kachoris.

Shastri sweets and cold house: Located in Shastri circle, this is one of the oldest shops in the city. Even though they are popular for sweets, they specialise in Kachoris too. They offer two kachoris and chutney for just INR 10.

Shri Lala Mishthan: Very popular among the Udaipurites, Shri Lala Mishthan has been there for 15 years and have been serving spicy and flavourful Kachoris ever since. Their heeng-kachori is quite famous. The simple, yet flavourful kachoris, served with a pinch of tamarind chutney is enough to kick-start your day.

JMB Nashta Center: If you are on a food tour in Udaipur, make sure you visit JMB Nashta Center near Chetan Circle, for some of its unique flavours. For as low as ?10, you can try out their kachoris. They have varieties like mawa kachori, dal kachori, pyaaz kachori and some more. Their pyaaz kachori is argued to be the best in town.

Palliwal Restaurant: On the Jagdish Temple Road is another popular kachori stall. They are known for their rich filling and small-sized kachoris. Watch them fry those little domes of happiness, and your heart will crave for more.

Rama Kachori: Ask the students of St Paul's school about kachori-wala and you'll get an introduction of the popular Rama Kachori. Right outside St Paul's school, this kachori stall is popular among students and always frequented by them and the residents of Bhopalpura. Their pricing is another thing that makes them unique: INR 5 for all items.
Street food in Udaipur - Kachoris

12. Bread Pakora at Fateh Sagar

Your trip to Fateh Sagar is not complete if you haven't had the famous Bread Pakoras at Panditji's stall. The whole of Udaipur knows why it is one of a kind and you will know it too, once you munch on those delicious pakoras. Go for a bite at Panditji's stall, watch him work on the spices, potatoes, onions and then deep frying the bread slices. The stall opens at 9:30 AM, so you can head there for breakfast, while you enjoy the view and fresh air at Fateh Sagar Lake.
Bread pakora at Fateh Sagar

13. Daal Baati Churma by Manoj Prakash

Daal Baati Churma is the quintessential part of Rajasthani cuisine and there are several restaurants in Udaipur specialising in the same. However, there are street stalls serving Daal Baati Churma, with the same flavours and taste, but lesser prices. A win-win. Isn't it? On your way to Lake Palace, do not forget to satiate your taste buds with the Daal Baati Churma from the famous Manoj Prakash stall near Gulab Bagh. Another bestseller dish there includes Daal Poori. It is known to be one of the best stalls for authentic Rajasthani food in Udaipur.
Daal Baati Churma

14. Dabeli by Shankar

Dabeli is a hit street food in Udaipur. Shankar Vada Pav ki Dabeli is a popular Dabeli stall located at Sukhadia Circle. Dabeli is like the desi avatar of burger, stuffed with potatoes and garnished with peanuts, pomegranate and chutney. At Shankar, they serve you hot Dabelis with dollops of butter and a big smile.
Dabeli by Shankar - Street food in Udaipur

15. Pani Puri by Saanwariya

Saanwariya Chaat Center serves delicious varieties of Pani Puri, chaat, aloo tiki, bhel puri and sev puri. Situated in the Ashok Nagar Main Road, this is the first choice of every resident of Udaipur when it comes to paani puri. The filling of chole and aloo, with tamarind juice in the puri they serve, leaves you asking for more. Their delectable paani puris have a distinct taste of asafoetida, mint and roasted cumin seeds. Your food tour in Udaipur is not complete without the pani puri at Saanwariya Chaat Center.
Pani Puri by Saanwariya

16. Chai

Tired after a long day of sightseeing at Udaipur? You can always relax with a cup of perfect tea. Udaipur has many small and big tea stalls in every corner of the city, caf├ęs too for that matter. Some of the outlets, popular for tea are listed below.

Chaifeteria: There are two outlets of Chaifeteria in Udaipur, one in Panchwati and one in Ashok Nagar. They serve varieties of Chai, at affordable prices. You can go there for your morning or evening tea. They also have Tandoori chai which is sure to tantalise your taste buds. You can have some of their healthy snacks like sandwiches or Maggi with a cup of warm tea.

Kamlesh Tea House: If you make a list of popular stalls in Udaipur, this one is sure to fall in it. Kamlesh Tea House is one famous stop at Fateh Sagar for tea lovers. The stall is one of the oldest in Udaipur and is managed by Kamlesh who has been doing so for 15 years, prior to which his father managed it, at the same place. The stall is also famous for bread pakoras.
Chaifeteria - Street food in Udaipur

17. Bun Maska

Tea along with Bun Maska makes the perfect, light breakfast. To have the best of bun maskas, visit Chaifeteria where you can enjoy them with over 15 varieties of tea. Under this tiny roof, you can enjoy many other varieties of snacks, but bun maska continues to be one of the favourite combinations with tea.
Bun Maska - Street food in Udaipur

18. Jalebi by Bhole Mishthan

If you are a sweet tooth, you can start your tour to Udaipur with the tastiest Jalebis at Bhole Mishthan, located on the bustling streets of Delhi Gate. The Jalebis at Bhole Mishthan are made with desi ghee and served hot. This little outlet was started 4 decades ago. The ground cardamom used in the sugar syrup of their Jalebis renders them a distinct flavour.
Jai Bhole mishthan Bhandar

19. Bansi Paan

This 50 years old Paan store tops the list of Paan stores in Udaipur. The speciality of their Paans is that they use the Banarasi betel leaf, which is both tasty and good for health. They garnish the paans with gulkand, sweet chutney, khajur (date) supari, kesar sali supari, edible silver foil and nail them with a cherry. Their meetha paan, customized with fennel seeds and hari patti lend a delight to your taste buds.
Meetha Paan, Udaipur Street food

20. Meals on Wheels

Located in Panchwati is a fast food truck loved by the locals of Udaipur. They serve Chinese starters and noodles, Maggi, soups, sandwiches, burgers and pizzas all at affordable prices. There is also something unique about Meals on Wheels - Devil Momos. Different from the regular steamed or fried momos, they prepare devil momos, which are basically fried momos dipped in Chinese gravy and topped with cabbage. Momos lovers must absolutely try them out. The term 'devil' is used for these momos because they are very spicy. The cost of devil momos is only ?60 and you can ask for some mayonnaise add-on, which is free of cost.

Street food has the power to bring cultures together despite the religious difference in a city. One such culturally rich and diverse city, Udaipur is often buzzing with visitors who travel to enjoy the luxurious location and exotic street bites it has to offer.

This post was published by Sneha Virmani

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