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Entry Fee : No Entry Fee, Boat Ride: Adults - INR 400, Kids - INR 200; Sunset Boat Ride: Adults - INR 700, Kids - INR 400

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Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur Overview

Floating atop the indigo waters of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, Taj Lake Palace (formerly known as Jag Niwas) is one of the most charming and most romantic hotels of the world. The now gorgeous commercial hotel was once the magnificent summer palace of the Mewar ruler- Maharana Jagat Singh II and catered to the recreation of the regal familia. Built in 1754, the iconic palace was converted into a five star hotel in 1963 and has been a common favourite among both the domestic and international tourists ever since and is thronged especially by romantic couples.

The palace which appears to be floating on the crystal clear water of the lake is made in ivory white and black marbles and boasts of umpteen open courtyards, passages, terraces etc- all adorned in lavish and opulent decor and semi precious stones sourced from all around the world. The five star luxury hotel provides spoilt choices, royal hospitality and an experience to remember for a lifetime. Besides the regular in-house services, luxury rooms and indoor activities, the hotel also has a provision for a variety of recreational activities, games and world class dining options to offer to its guests that offer sumptuous food ranging from the traditional Rajasthani to the international European cuisine.

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History of Taj Lake Palace

The very gorgeous an iconic Taj Lake Palace was built between 1743 and 1746 under the name of Jag Niwas. The opulent palace was named after the founder Jagat Singh II, who was also the 62nd successor of the Mewar dynasty. It was built facing east so that it is easier to worship the Sun God. Over the years, the royal descendents of King Jagat Singh II used the palace as a summer resort and enjoyed the regal hospitality and luxury stay. Later in 1963, the palace was bought by the Taj Group of Industries and was converted into a luxury heritage hotel.

Architecture of Taj Lake Palace

The gorgeous Taj Lake Palace has been built in black and white marble with ornamented stones and semi-precious stones adorning the walls and the niches. Besides, the palace is replete with gurgling fountains, pillared columns, spacious courtyards, open terraces and charming gardens. It is furnished with rich and royal antique furniture and beautiful rooms with high arches, frescoes and stained glass windows. In addition to that, the majestic palace boasts of an undulating view of the surrounding Aravallis.

Accommodation at Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace boasts of over 66 luxury suites especially designed with the state of the art technology and modern designs yet retaining the old world charm and authenticity of the original royalty of the palace. These rooms capture the regalia and mood of the past and tend to its guests like no place else. Especially popular among honeymoon couples and young romantic couples, these suite in the hotel provides mesmerizing view of Lake Pichola outside the window.
  1. Luxury Room Garden Non Lake View

    Adorned with dark teak furniture and rich silk curtains and embellishments, each of these rooms is unique in shape and size and offers beautiful views of the Lily Pond outside the window. These rooms can accommodate up to 2 guests.
    Tariff - INR 19500 (Starting Rate/ Per Night)
  2. Luxury Room Lake View

    This is a slight upgrade from the Luxury Room Garden View. It boasts of enchanting views of Lake Pichola outside the big glass windows. The interiors have also been done tastefully with a dash of royalty inspired decor. The walls have murals and wooden lattice and araish work ceilings which add to the overall beauty of the room. These rooms can accommodate up to 2 guests.
    Tariff - INR 23500 (Starting Rate/ Per Night)
  3. Palace Room Lake View

    The Palace Room Lake View is similar to the Luxury Room Lake View with beautiful done up interiors and well decorated walls. It also has an amazing view of the lake outside. The only difference is that Palace Rooms are more spacious and can accommodate up to 3 guests.
    Tariff - INR 28500 (Starting Rate/ Per Night)
  4. Historical 1 Bedroom Suite Lake View

    Known by the names of  Rang Mahal, Sandhya and Sisarma Darshan, these suites boast of extravagant interior decor with marble furnishings, sheer curtains and exquisite traditional Rajasthani artwork. The sheer fabrics of the curtains allow the sun light to pass through lighting up the entire suite. There is also a sitting space with a gorgeous view of the lake which is used as a leisure reading spot or for breakfast, brunch, early dinner etc. These suites can accommodate up to 3 guests.
    Tariff - INR 39500 (Starting Rate/ Per Night)
  5. Royal Suite 1 Bedroom Lake View

    The royal suites are named Basant Bahar, Machla Magra, Jag Mandir Darshan and Aravali Darshan, of which Basant Bahar and Jag Mandir are interconnected. These suites have elaborate stained glass windows with exquisite Rajasthani decor. You can also spot the mighty Aravalli Mountain Range outside the windows. These suites can accommodate up to 3 guests.
    Tariff - INR 67000 (Starting Rate/ Per Night)
  6. Grand Royal Suite 1 Bedroom Lake View

    Known to be one of the best suites in all of the palace, the Grand Suite is the epitome of luxury, splendour and regal grandeur. With high ceilings, huge archways, ornate glass work and beautiful miniature paintings, these suites provide an experience like no other. Some of these rooms also come with additional facilities like a jacuzzi, rain showers, and chandeliers etc. These suites can accommodate up to 3 guests.
    Tariff - INR 92000 (Starting Rate/ Per Night)
  7. Grand Presidential Suite 1 Bedroom Lake View

    This is a single and most lavish suite in Taj Lake Palace. No number of words will do justice to the luxurious service and exhorbitant facilities provided in the suite; it is truly an experience of a lifetime. Known as the Shambhu Prakash Suite, the suite is named after Maharana Shambhu Singh. The suite is also furnished with extended balconies which offer panoramic views of the adjoining lake and the surrounding mountains. The suite which has been done in European designs has a capacity to accommodate up to 3 people.
    Tariff - INR 375000 (Starting Rate/ Per Night)

Dining Options at Taj Lake Palace

There are two types of Dining Experiences available in the palace-

Dining on the Royal Gangaur Boat

The Royal Gangaur Boat is a 150 years old boat belonging to the Maharajas of the past. You can relish a meal on the boat, in the vicinity of the lake. A total of 14 guests can dine on the boat or alternatively, a total of 30 guests can enjoy cocktails and drinks on the boat at once.

Private Dining

There is always the option of privately dining in the company of your near and dear ones. There are several fine dine options in Taj Lake Palace which excel in world class cuisines especially Indian and European. The best dining options in Taj Lake Palace include-
  1. Neel Kamal

    The restaurant specializes in traditional Rajasthani cuisine and that from the North West Frontier. The restaurant is only open for dinner between 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM.
    Price for Two - INR 7000 + taxes
  2. Bhairo

    Bhairo is a seasonal rooftop restaurant that offers amazing European cuisine with gorgeous views of the lake. The seasonal rooftop restaurant is only open from October to March. The timings of Bhairo are also only for dinner i.e. from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM.
    Price for Two - INR 14000 + taxes
  3. Jharokha

    Jharokha is a multi cuisine, all day dine-in restaurant that serves food from cuisines from all over the world. The restaurant also houses a small bar called the Seasons Bar which serves some of the best single malt whiskeys in the region. It stays open from 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM.
    Price for Two - INR 3400 + taxes
  4. Amrit Sagar

    The name Amrit Sagar translates to ‘Sea of Nectar’ and aside from the amazing food, the restaurant provides an assortment of vintage wines, alcohol, spirits, cigars and the like. It stays open between 11:00 AM to 10:30 PM.
    Price for Two - INR 7000 + taxes

Luxury Experiences at Taj Lake Palace

  1. The Grand Royal Welcome

    Taj Palace Hotel offers a welcome like no other place. As the guests get off at the Sadar Ghat, they are greeted with a shower of rose petals and a platter of assorted snacks for refreshments. After the initial courtesies are exchanged, they are let in the palace under the shade of sequin decorated umbrellas.
  2. Heritage Walk

    Taj Palace Hotel also offers educative and informative heritage walks which enables the guests and volunteers to learn about the rich history and the vibrant tradition of the past of Rajasthan.
  3. Dine on a 150 years old Cruise

    There is also a provision of an ancient and regal boat which is set sail in the lake. There are regular dinner parties hosted on the boat in full royal Maharaja style, that can be attended by a total of 14 people. If not fine dine, then the boat can accommodate up to 30 people to enjoy cocktails and drinks on the cruise.
  4. Private Palace Butlers

    The palace also provides the option of a private butler who are assigned to individual guests and are responsible for making them feel like a prince. With a Private Palace Butler by your side, your stay surely is going to be one notch higher than what you thought.

Jiva Spa at Taj Lake Palace

Jiva Spa is a luxurious spa and massage parlor at Taj Lake Palace which offers the perfect massages and spas to rejuvenate and relax your bodies. You can choose from the signature experiences which are called Jiwaniya, Mewar Khaas, Pehelwaan Malish etc. There are also Indian therapies and Spa indulgences and several types of exfoliating body wraps and scrubs. The parlor also provides Indian Aroma Therapies and Beauty Treatments etc. The highlight of the Spa is the Jiva Spa Boat which stays afloat on top of the Lake Pichola and offers spa services here. You will truly feel in heaven receiving a massage here in the middle of the lake to treat your senses.

Best Time to Visit

Although the Palace offers grand and luxury stay and services all through the year. However, it is advisable to plan a visit during the winter months of September and March. The weather during these months stays cool and the climate is pleasant. The outdoor excursions and cultural expeditions are also much more easily and more comfortable weather- wise.

How to Reach

Both the airport and the railway station nearest to the Palace are in Udaipur. The city is also well connected by buses to all the nearby town. You can reach the banks of Lake Pichola in a private cab or through public transport. From here, you will be picked up by the staff boat of the Taj Palace Hotel.

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