What is the best time to visit Tuticorin?

An ideal time to be in Tuticorin would be between the months of October and March. Being in the Southern half of India and a beach town, Tuticorin doesn't really have a winter season. The summers get really hot and stuffy and the monsoons bring frequent showers but other than that, nearly the entire year is pleasant and sunny. But if you wish to witness the festival of Our lady of Snows, then you will have to go in August (August 5)

Weather in Tuticorin


Upcoming Tuticorin Weather

Monthly Weather in Tuticorin

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 24 31
February 23 32
March 26 34
April 27 36
May 27 35
June 27 34
July 26 33
August 26 34
September 26 33
October 26 33
November 25 32
December 24 31

Tuticorin in Winter (November - March)

From November onwards, the temperature starts falling down and humidity also decreases. Since Tuticorin is a beach town, it does not witness extreme winters. The days are bright with pleasing sunlight while the nights are comparatively cooler. This period is the most favourable time for tourists to enjoy outdoor expeditions. You can go for walks on beaches or enjoy water sports like skiing or swimming.

Tuticorin in Monsoon (August - October)

Monsoon hits the city by the end of August thus, bringing relief from soaring temperatures. Continuous heavy rainfall makes it difficult to step outside. Though the mercury dips, increasing levels of humidity is a serious hindrance for tourists. It is not advisable to explore the city in these months but, for nature lovers, Tuticorin can be an eye candy during monsoons. They can get a view of picturesque landscapes and natural beauty of the place. Also, if you want to witness the famous Our Lady of Snow festival, you have to visit the city in August.

Tuticorin in Summer (April - July)

From April onwards, the summer season starts setting in with the sun shining too brightly making it uncomfortable for tourists to explore the place. This is certainly not the best time to visit Tuticorin as the blistering heat comes in the way of exciting outdoor activities. However, due to the off-season, you can get discounts on accommodation.

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