Best Time To Visit Trashigang

What is the best time to visit Trashigang?

October - December, April - May is the best time to visit Trashigang. The annual fest Trashigang Tshechu takes places somewhere around November and December where people from all over Eastern Bhutan come and take part in folk singing and dancing. The climate is also very pleasant at this time. April-May is spring season in Trashigang when there is a cool breeze and nice weather all around. 20 - 27 degree Celsius is the average temperature of Trashigang from the end of April to May. It's spring season, and the breeze is cosy and pleasant. A wide variety of flora can be seen during this period.

Weather in Trashigang


Upcoming Trashigang Weather

Monthly Weather in Trashigang

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 18°/ 7° 5 days
February 19°/ 8° 8 days
March 22°/ 10° 14 days
April 23°/ 13° 21 days
May 26°/ 17° 24 days
June 29°/ 19° 15 days
July 27°/ 20° 28 days
August 29°/ 20° 30 days
September 27°/ 18° 25 days
October 26°/ 14° 6 days
November 24°/ 13° 2 days
December 19°/ 7° 0 days

Trashigang Photos

Trashigang Dzong - One of the Largest Dzong in Bhutan
Gomphu Kora - Holy Site Located by Riverside
District Court of Trashigang

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