How To Reach Thoubal

How to Reach Thoubal

The nearest railway station from Thoubal is Dimapur Railway Station. The closest airport is the Imphal Airport; one can even take a flight to Dimapur Airport that airport is also connected to Thoubal.

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How to reach Thoubal by flight

The nearest airport is Dimapur, located at a distance of around 150 km from Thoubal. Air India operates a flight from Delhi to Dimapur. You can hire a taxi to go to Thoubal from the airport, or you can reach Thoubal by fetching a bus which frequently operates on this route.

Nearest Airport: Imphal Airport (IMF)

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How to reach Thoubal by road

The distance between Thoubal and Delhi is about 2500 km, and there is no direct connectivity. So a road journey is not advisable.

How to reach Thoubal by train

The nearest railway station is Dimapur Railway Station. From here Thoubal is about 150 km. You can hire a taxi and reach Thoubal.

Local transport in Thoubal

It's a small town and hence people can walk or take cycle rickshaws.

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Thoubal, Manipur

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