Chandel Tourism Overview

"A cultural rainbow"

Chandel Tourism At A Glance

Chandel is a wisp of culture and traditions, given the huge number of tribes that live here. Each tribe offers a unique identity to the area, where colors of their cultures are blown out in all directions

The numerous tribes that find habitat here give the cultural definition to this town. Other than getting colored into their hues, one can visit a few tourist spots in the area, such as the Tengnoupal, which is the highest point on the way from India to Myanmar and can offer some of the most stunning sceneries and views.

Hotels in Chandel

Accommodarion is available in Tengnoupal, the most special of which is the forest bungalow.

Commuting Within Chandel

Cabs are available in Chandel.

Relish popular Manipuri dishes in Chandel like Eromba which is a preparation of vegetables and potatoes boiled with a generous dash of red chilies, and fish. Singju is a Manipuri salad, Chamthong or Kanhshoi is a stew with fish, Morok Metpa is a coarse-paste prepared with green or dry chilies are also zesty and delicious local delicacies that one must savor.
One should also try the delicious pork curries and preparations of Bamboo shoots. Sekmai is a traditional brew made from rice while Mujikul is another local drink which can be enjoyed here.