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How to Reach Tel Aviv from India

There are 1 stop flights from Mumbai and Delhi, while 2 stop ones from Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune. Chennai. Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Gulf Air, Jet Airways, Lufthansa operate frequent carriers to the Tel Aviv airport.

How to reach Tel Aviv by flight

Ben Gurion Airport, 19 kms away from the city is the main international airport that serves Tel Aviv. Over 70 international airlines operate daily to and drom Ben Gurion. The Israeli national carrier, El Al operates direct flights to Israel from major European and American cities, as well as parts of Africa and the far East. This airport is regarded to have very high security standards. Keep printouts of your accommodation booking and itinerary in hand. The most convenient way of getting to the main city from the airport is the trains operated by Israel Railways. Trains ply at intervals of half an hour to all 4 stations in Tel Aviv. Alternatively the Egged bus has operations every 30 mins as well to the Tel Aviv New Central Bus Station and some other locations. Taxis have regulated fares and either run on metre or at pre-decided prices. A taxi ride to the city costs around 150 NIS, with additional charges for luggage.

How to reach Tel Aviv by road

Major highways lead in and out of Tel Aviv. For instance Route 1 connects Jerusalem, Route 4 reaches north coast, while Route 5 connects the east. Driving within the city can be a major problem though. Most of the signboards are not in English and parking can be very difficult, since the spots are reserved for the residents around the clock. A huge public car park is available outside the Old Station.

How to reach Tel Aviv by train

The Savidor station receives trains from Haifa, Akko, Nahariya, Ashkelon and even Be'er Sheva.

How to reach Tel Aviv by bus

Egged buses connect Tel Aviv with Jerusalem, Haifa, Tiberias, Eilat, Nazareth via the Central Bus Station and Arlozorov Bus Terminal (only Jerusalem)

How to reach Tel Aviv by Waterways

Cruises headed to Israel or with Israel as one of the destinations.

Local transport in Tel Aviv

The city buses follow quite an efficient network, with buses plying from 5:30 am - midnight. One day passes can be bought with the Rav Kav travel card, which entitles you to unlimited bus travel around Tel Aviv as well as its suburbs. There are three major local bus terminals, the Central Bus Station, the Arlozorov and the Reading Terminal. The sheruts are 24 hours shared taxi service, which are preferred for being cheaper and faster than buses. The best way to explore the city is however on bicycles. The city is a compact one with dedicated bike routes. Tel-O-Fun is a bicycle rental scheme, which lets riders pick up and drop off the bikes at docking stations spread all over the city. The first thirty minutes is free, however prices get higher by the hour. Metered taxis are also available.

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