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"Rugged Roads and Stunning Beaches "

Sumba Tourism

Sumba is a beautiful and untouched island which is situated to the East of the country; however, it amazingly distinguishes itself from the Northern volcanic part of Indonesia. The visitors that do make it to Sumba are usually surfers as Sumba has an amazing surf scene that remains under the radar. The clear ocean waters and the white sand beaches are great places to enjoy away from the noisy crowds.

The countryside and beautiful savannahs offer the perfect getaway nestled in the lap of nature. The hilltop villages are having traditional clan homes that are clustered around megalithic tombs for the villagers to pay their respect to their ancestors. The specialty of the island is 'Tenun Ikat' which is handwoven fabric which is a labour intensive technique which takes hours to make but is a wonderful work of art.

Things to do in Sumba

1. Waingapu

Waingapu the capital of Sumba is a laid back town located on the island of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. Waingapu has a Night Market which runs along the old wharf and is one of the best places to find l (Read More)ittle cafes as well as street food stalls that serve cheap food plates of seafood like fish and fried rice dishes. Another thing that is popular at Waingapu is the handicrafts such as Ama Tukang workshop where you can learn everything about ikat or traditional weaving.

2. Waikabubak

Waikabubak is the second largest town located on the island of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. The town is popular for its traditional houses, historical structures, and stone graves. Waikabubak Inpres Mar (Read More)ket is a traditional market where you can buy local and traditional handicrafts like ikat cloth, a typical Sumba machete, or bracelets from banana leaves. Places to visit while in Waikabubak are Kampung Tarung, Kampung Tambelar, Kampung Prai Klembung, Kampung Waitabar, Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park.

More on Sumba

Things to Do

One can experience the unique culture of this small island though the annual ‘Pasola Festival’ which is one of the most diverse festivals in Sumba and is ingrained deeply into the roots of the community including the children who will come up smiling from ear to ear and greet every visitor with warmth and affection.

Sumba is a lovely place for different natural attractions which include wonderful hillsides, clear lakes and impressive waterfalls which are mostly spotted in different national parks that have been set up in Sumba. Some of the beautiful attractions in Sumba include:

  • Tanggedu Waterfall  
  • Puru Kambera Beach
  • Tarimbang Bay (famous for surfing)
  • Watu Mandorak Cove
  • Nihiwatu Beach

Although Sumba is an underrated and often-overlooked destination in Indonesia, it is an amazing destination for luxurious resorts. The most popular resort on the island is 'Nihiwatu Resort' which is widely regarded as one of the world's premier beach resorts. Despite its expensive rates the resort remains fully booked for the most part of the year. The resort is known for its exclusivity and luxurious service when it comes to hospitality, privacy, breathtaking views and intimate and romantic time with your special someone.

Best Time to Visit Sumba

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FAQs on Sumba

What is the best time to visit Sumba?

Sumba’s semi-arid and dry island climate ensures that it is a suitable beach destination all year round. However, the best time to visit Sumba is from April to October which is during the dry season when rainfall is especially sparse, but not too hot that it becomes scorching during the day
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What are the places near Sumba?

The top places near to Sumba are Lombok which is 331 km from Sumba, Bali which is located 471 km from Sumba, Padar island which is located 94 km from Sumba, Komodo national park which is located 103 km from Sumba, Jakarta which is located 1414 km from Sumba

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