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Storkyrkan, Stockholm Overview

The Storkrykan, built in 1279, is the oldest church in the Gamla Stan. It is situated right next to the Royal Palace and it's interiors are a sight to behold.

The architectural works inside this Cathedral are a treat to the eye. The colossal pulpit took 4 years to build, and was completed in 1702. The French baroque style is quite pronounced, and it became the inspiration for many other big pulpits in Swedish churches. The 'Silver Altar', made out of wood and ebony and adorned with silver statues, depicts various parts of the bible, starting with the last supper at the bottom and ending with the Risen Christ at the top. The Skorkyrkan is home to some of the most unique pieces of art anywhere across Europe. The most famous of these is the 'Saint George and the Dragon', from 1489. The statue also contains within it relics of the saint. The cathedral also houses a copy of the V_dersolstavlan, the oldest known painting of Stockholm, and also Lena Lervik's recent and famous sculpture, "Joseph and Mary". Today the cathedral is a Lutheran Church, and still hosts services.

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