Best Time To Visit Sweden

What is the best time to visit Sweden?

This is the best time to visit as all major cafes and attractions such as open-air museums are open, and the midnight sun is visible. This is a good time to enjoy special festivals and folkloric presentations that don't happen otherwise. However, this means that thousands of tourists flock to the country making summer the most expensive time to be in Sweden, as this is the peak season.

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Summer (June - Mid August)

The weather is pleasant, temperatures are low. This is a good time to visit the outdoor cafes in Stockholm (as it is on the east coast) and opt for outdoor activities. Since it's the peak season, tourists are advised to look out for deals and make bookings in advance. Further, a number of festivals happen at this time even though the major cultural venues such as the opera, dance, ballet, and theatre remain shut.

Spring (April - May) and Fall (Mid-August - October)

Spring and autumn are considerably prettier than the Swedish summers as the flowers are either in full bloom or gently falling off of trees. While tulips and wildflowers burst into bloom in the spring, they begin their graceful fall in autumn, making it a spectacular sight to see.

Winter (November - March)

Even though winters are considered off-season in Sweden, it is a good time to experience the unusual at the cheapest prices available. This is when cultural activities are at their best and adventurous activities like skiing are in full force. A strong reason to visit in winters is perhaps the shimmering Northern Lights with their fascinatingly eerie hues of green.

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