Best Time To Visit Split

What is the best time to visit Split?

Although Split has a mild climate throughout the year, the best time to visit this pretty Mediterranean city is May to June and September and October. During these months, days are pleasant and sunny, and being the shoulder season accomodations are easier and cheaper to find as compared to the peak season. Planning a trip to Split around this time helps you dodge the crowds and have a more relaxed vacation, with an additional advantage of coinciding it with the perfect timing for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, sea-kayaking, hiking and rafting.

Weather in Split


Upcoming Split Weather

Monthly Weather in Split

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 14°/ 6° 2 days
February 15°/ 7° 3 days
March 16°/ 7° 5 days
April 19°/ 11° 3 days
May 20°/ 12° 14 days
June 30°/ 20° 1 days
July 30°/ 20° 6 days
August 32°/ 22° 2 days
September 27°/ 18° 10 days
October 23°/ 15° 3 days
November 18°/ 13° 20 days
December 14°/ 8° 9 days

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Split, Croatia

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