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Makarska Tourism

Makarska is a great place to be when travelling across the Makarska Riviera. The small city is surrounded by the Adriatic sea on one side and the Biokovo mountain ranges on the other side. The scenic beauty and the moderate temperatures make it a perfect family getaway during the weekends. Beautiful beaches are the city's highlight and the turquoise blue waters along the pebbled coastline add to the city's glory spots.

Makarska, a small city on the Adriatic coast is one of the most visited tourist spots in Croatia. Unlike other urban cities in the country including the nearing city of Split, Makarska has quite less number of histoical or architectural tourist spots. The city is majorly known for its white sandy beaches and easy connectivity to other nearby islands on the Adriatic coast. The best of beaches across the country are found in Makarska, with a promenade where pine trees are lined throughout the beaches that offer shade on sunny days. With a population over 14,000, the city sees a large number of travellers throughout the summers looking to enjoy the crystal clear water on the pebbled beaches in and around the city.

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More on Makarska

The Beach Town

Makarska is the best place to be for beach lovers. As a tourist hotspot, Makarska finds its popularity in its beaches which remain crowded throughout the summers. The Sandy beach, which is almost 2km long sees the larger share of the tourism and is known for its white sand and pebbles found across the beach. Like many other beaches across the Dalmatia, you can trust Makarska to offer you crystal clear waters and an exhilarating experience for a nice summer swim. The town beach, Vruja and Nugal beaches are some of the other must visit beaches while in Makarska.

Hideaway spots

Brac and other islands on the Makarska Riviera are in close proximity to the region that boast of the most beautiful beaches. These islands are also a welcome hideaway for those looking for calm beaches rather than hustled and crowded beaches of the city. Along with these islands, the Biokovo mountains are also one of the destinations that one could cherish while trekking and hiking in the arms of nature.

Language of Makarska

The language commonly spoken. (only if it is diiferent from the rest of the country) How easy it is to be understood in English?

Nightlife in Makarska

The summer season sees a lot of tourism in the area making clubs and bars some of the best places to be in the city after dark. Makarska has a host of clubs and bars located near and on the beaches that offer a majestic view along with your favorite drinks! Grabovac bar is one of the liveliest in the city and is highly recommended for tourists.

Shopping in Makarska

Makarska being close to Biokovo, the tallest mountain on the coast line is known for its mediterranean vegetation. Local groceries and spices are a must buy and can be sought from the fruit market near the town center. You can also shop for the local wines made in the Dalmatian county.

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FAQs on Makarska

What is famous about Makarska?

beaches, nightlife, close proximity to other islands

What is not so good about Makarska?

small driving spaces, little options for parking, crowded, not many tourist attractions

What is the best time to visit Makarska?

May - September mark the beginning of summer in the city which is when the travel season begins across Croatia. The spring/summer season makes the city's surroundings more beautiful and the water warm enough to enjoy swimming. This time of the year sees a lot of travellers in Makarska giving the city its hustled lifestyle during these months.
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What is the local food in Makarska?

Makarska is not a place specifically known for offering lip-smacking food. However, foodies can always hog some of the local Dalmatian and Mediterranean food at various restaurants in the city. Most of the food has a French or Italian touch due to the regions' influence on the Dalmatian coast line. Sipping on some local Dalmatian spirit at some of the towns liveliest pubs facing the beach can be a great idea. Konoba Kalalarga is the best place to enjoy dalmatian local delicacies. A huge variety of seafood can be enjoyed across the region including squids and crabs.
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What is the best way to reach Makarska?

Reaching Makarska by bus is the easiest. Split is the nearest city that offers connectivity to the small city on the coastline. Taking a bus or driving into the city is the only way to reach the city from the major cities of Croatia while taking the ferry is the only option for those living on the nearing islands such as brac.
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What are the places near Makarska?

The top places near to Makarska are Hvar island which is 33 km from Makarska, Split which is located 52 km from Makarska, Zadar which is located 170 km from Makarska, Santorini which is located 368 km from Makarska, Pompeii which is located 351 km from Makarska

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