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Shanghai, China
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Shanghai in the 1930s, with the Shanghai International Settlement and Shanghai French Concession (Source)
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Zhabei District on fire. (Source)
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Bloody Saturday: a baby in the ruins of the old Shanghai South Railway Station after Japanese bombing in August 1937 (Source)
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Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone (Source)
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This map of Shanghai (center and east), Jiangsu (north), and Zhejiang (south) shows the developed areas and some developing areas around Shanghai, Nanjing (dark blue), and Hangzhou in green. The regions in light blue are some of the developed areas in the Yangtze River Delta. Provincial boundaries a (Source)
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This natural-color satellite image shows the urban area of Shanghai in 2016, along with its major islands of (from northwest to southeast) Chongming, Changxing, Hengsha, and the Jiuduansha shoals off Pudong. (Source)
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Panoramic view of Pudongs skyline in 2010 (Source)
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Increasing influence over global capital market: Shanghai Stock Exchange (Source)
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Shanghai Port is the worlds busiest container port (Source)
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Lujiazui at night, Pudong (Source)
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University City District in Songjiang (Source)
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Shanghai Jiao Tong University Library (Source)
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A typical VW Touran Taxi in Shanghai (Source)
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The lobby of Shanghai South Railway Station (Source)
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Shanghai Pudong International Airport terminal at night (Source)
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Renovated shikumen lanes in Xintiandi, now a high-end restaurant and shopping center (Source)
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Shanghai Exhibition Centre, an example of Soviet neoclassical architecture in Shanghai (Source)
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Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a typical shikumen building in the former French Concession. (Source)
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Shanghai World Financial Center (left) and Jin Mao Tower (right) (Source)
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Peoples Square seen from Urban Planning Exhibition Center (Source)
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Enchanted Storybook Castle of Shanghai Disneyland (Source)
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Huangpu District during the 2013 Eastern China smog (Source)
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Qibao Town (Source)
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Mercedes-Benz Arena, previously known as the Expo Cultural Center during the World Expo in 2010. (Source)
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The Shanghai Museum, located on the Peoples Square (Source)
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Two women wear Shanghai-styled qipao while playing golf in this 1930s Shanghai soap advertisement. (Source)
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F1 Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai (Source)
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Shanghai Masters in Qizhong Stadium (Source)
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Yao Ming (Source)

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