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"Dense jungles and charming temples"

Sangkhlaburi Tourism

Sangkhlaburi is a high altitude city at the ends of Thailand, just 25 kilometers from Burma border. It has the beautiful Vajiralongkorn Lake (Khao Laem) where most travellers take a boat ride, rest and enjoy the day. Most part of the city is covered by dense forests and limestone ranges. Sunken temple and Temple Wat Mon are the two unique and spectacular temples which should be a must visit in Sangkhlaburi.

Sangkhlaburi is a culturally diverse area with Karen, Mon, Thai and Burmese settlers. A lot of Burmese residents face inequality issues because they are not Thai citizens, but still everyone manages to live cooperatively. The weather being cool because of the high altitude and presence of the Vajiralongkorn lake, it adds an increased charm to this destination. It is divided into the 'town centre' and 'Mon village', both of which are connected by the second longest hand-made bridge in the world, the 'wooden bridge'. A seven hours journey from Bangkok will get you to this stunning beauty. Sangkhlaburi remains one of the favorite tourist attractions of Thailand.

Things to do in Sangkhlaburi

1. Wat Wang Wiwekaram

Wat Wang Wiwekaram
Wat Wang Wiwekaram is a temple containing the shrine of the monk Luang Phaw Uttama who fled to Thailand from Myanmar during the Burmese war. He died in 2006 and his body lies inside this temple. There (Read More) are many beautiful structures and buildings that are constructed in Thai, Burmese and Indian styles. From the temple, a stunning view of the mountains above and the lake below can be seen. This is the most important temple to the Mon community because here lies the coffin of the man who protected them from the war. It is a spiritual centre for the Mon settlers of Sangkhlaburi.

2. Sunken Temple

Sunken Temple
Also known as Wat Saam Prasob, the sunken temple was built in 1950, but it sunk in 1968 when the water of the lake submerged it. Later when the bridge and dam were constructed to prevent overflow of w (Read More)ater, the only thing left of the temple to see was the upper section of the bell tower. However, if you visit here towards the end of the dry season, you can get a chance to walk around the ruins a little. To get to this place, the locals offer boat rides across the lake. Originally built in the old village of the valley, it is now sunk when the water of the large lake submerged it.

3. Three Pagoda Pass

Three Pagoda Pass
The Three Pagoda Pass forms the border between Thailand and Burma. This pass is the link to Sangkhlaburi town of Thailand and Payathonsu town of Myanmar. It is approximately 1,000 ft high, and there a (Read More)re three small stupas which were built as a symbol of peace. Tourists can obtain a one-day visa to visit Payathonsu via this pass. It's a beautiful symbol of history and a great attraction of Sangkhlaburi.

4. Mon Bridge

Mon Bridge
The wooden bridge or the Mon bridge is the world's second largest handmade wooden bridge. It connects to two parts of the city: the town centre and the Mon village. This 400m long bridge offers an inc (Read More)redible sunrise and sunset view. Vehicles are not allowed over the bridge, but people can walk.

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More on Sangkhlaburi

History of Sangkhlaburi

Around 45 years ago, the valley of Sangkhlaburi belonged to the Mon community entirely. Later in 1984, much of the village got submergedunder water and then it got divided into two parts, the town centre and Mon village, linked by the famous wooden bridge. It was founded by Luang Phor Uttama in 1949 who fled from Burma with many Mon families along with him.

Nightlife in Sangkhlaburi

Sangkhlaburi is not very popular when it comes to nightlife in comparison to other cities of Thailand. It doesnt have the fancy western style pubs and bars. Some guesthouses have pubs insidethem, but they're usually low-key. The local restaurants sell cheap beer and wine, so you can pick drinks up from there and enjoy it near the lake side. Western bar is one bar that has foreigners and good alcohol.

Religion of Sangkhlaburi

Buddhism is the key religion followed in Sangkhlaburi.

Shopping in Sangkhlaburi

The Karen locals brought along with them the authentic Karen clothes which are woven and sewn in Sangkhlaburi now. Scarves, clothes, bags and many more things are woven by the women here. These act as beautiful souvenirs for tourists. There is a great local market between Thetsaban 2 and Thetsaban 1, many food shops and coffee shops too.

Exchanging Money in Sangkhlaburi

Sangkhlaburi has only one bank and ATM, the Siam Commercial Bank. So all the money exchanges can be done here. To be on the safer side, you should exchange currency in Bangkok before travelling here.

Daily Budget for Sangkhlaburi

A daily budget of 600-700 Baht would be enough to travel in Sangkhlaburi. This would include 200 Baht on food, 100 Baht on alcohol or coffee, 100 Baht for getting around, 100 Baht for shopping, and 100 Baht for tourist entry fees.

Sangkhlaburi Customs

Sangkhlaburi being a famous tourist destination, there arent many clothing restrictions. You can dress as you please according to the weather, however, it is advisable to cover yourself appropriately while visiting a temple. All the settlements of Sangkhlaburi are very calm people and extremely friendly to guests in their city. So good behaviour is desired from the tourists in return. Tipping is not a compulsion, although, good services should be appreciated.

Language of Sangkhlaburi

The common language spoken in Sangkhlaburi is Thai, with a small population speaking Mon too. Most of the hotels and guesthouses have staff who can communicate in English. However, some local vendors and drivers might speak only Mon or Thai. So learning a few basic phrases can help you communicate better. A Mon local might understand very little, so an easy word to remember is 'Dangoon' for 'Thank you'.

Best Time to Visit Sangkhlaburi

How to Reach Sangkhlaburi

How to Reach Overview

You have to fly into Bangkok, and then take a bus to Sangkhlaburi that leave daily.

How to reach Sangkhlaburi by flight

You have to fly to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport of Bangkok from your respective country, and then take the bus to Sangkhlaburi.

How to reach Sangkhlaburi by road

Minivan services from Bangkok depart from the Morchit stand costing around 2,000 Baht. This can prove to be very expensive and uncomfortable too.

How to reach Sangkhlaburi by bus

Direct buses leave daily to and from Morchit station of Bangkok. The trip takes around 7-8 hours and costs 250 Baht. To avoid this long journey, most travellers prefer to halt at Kanchanaburi. Buses from Kanchanaburi to Sangkhlaburi will take around 4 hours and cost around 150 Baht.

Local transport in Sangkhlaburi

The most common way to get around Sangkhlaburi is motorcycle taxi. It is available easily and costs between 20-50 Baht depending on the distance. Songthaews and buses are other cheaper options. However, walking is the most pleasant option that can give you a very notable experience. Some guesthouses have motorbike and bicycle renting services too.

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FAQs on Sangkhlaburi

What is the best time to visit Sangkhlaburi?

The best time to visit Sangkhlaburi is from November to March.

Thailand becomes very hot in the months of April to June and hence travelling during that period is not preferred. The months of July to October have rains and tourists find it very uncomfortable. Therefore, November to March are the most convenient months to travel to Sangkhlaburi in.
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What is the local food in Sangkhlaburi?

Sangkhlaburi being multi cultural with Mon, Karen, Thai and Burmese population, it has a variety of authentic food options. The market sells some really famous boat noodles and pumpkin custard. English menus are rare here, however when in Sangkhlaburi, it is best advised to dig into the local Thai and Karen food, which is served best at the See Daeng restaurant.
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What is the best way to reach Sangkhlaburi?

You have to fly into Bangkok, and then take a bus to Sangkhlaburi that leave daily.
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What are the places near Sangkhlaburi?

The top places near to Sangkhlaburi are Bangkok which is 269 km from Sangkhlaburi, Pattaya which is located 360 km from Sangkhlaburi, Khao laem national park which is located 21 km from Sangkhlaburi, Hua hin which is located 330 km from Sangkhlaburi, Koh samui which is located 650 km from Sangkhlaburi

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