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San Jose

Country rank: 1 out of 1 Places To Visit In Costa-rica

Sub-Region: Central Costa Rica


Ideal duration: 2 days

Best time: Mid December - April (Read More)

Nearest Airport: San Jose (Check Flights)


"The city of museums"

San Jose Tourism

Biggest city and furthermore the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose is a standout amongst the most cosmopolitan urban communities in Latin America. Established in 1737, the city is surely understood for its brilliantly quick paced night life, shopping centres, brilliant food and magnificent infrastructure.

A travel heaven and settled in the heart of Costa Africa, San Jose is understood for its astounding vitality and dynamic quality. A brilliant house to numerous delightful points of interest, shopping malls, bars, eateries, and clamouring market areas, the capital city is known to have a plethora of exhibition halls and museums. Displaying the extraordinary works by Costa Rican specialists and artists, the structural splendours flawlessly portrays the rich history of the nation. With the dazzling scenes and the daily lifestyle, this bustling city will also offer you a colossal measure of sensibly valued diners and inns.

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Hotels in San Jose

Top Hotels in San Jose

  • Casa Primo CR

    Staring from USD 59

  • Hotel Castillo

    Staring from USD 65

  • Terrazas de Golf Boutique Hotel

    Staring from USD 90

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Costa Rica has a unique blend of flavours to offer when it comes to its local food. While the lunch is the regular 'casado' in most houses, the dinner on the other hand is mostly a lavish plate typically having six items on it including, meat or chicken, fish, salad, beans, picadillo and plantains. Gallo Pinto Dishia another typical delicacy of the city which is made of beans and rice and can be served with fried eggs and corn tortillas.


43.56% people are religious, out of which 25.54% are Catholics, 5.65% Christians, 3.76% are of Eastern faith, 1.06% affiliate with Islam, 0.68% are Jewish.

Customs of San Jose

Unless you're going for handling business affairs, a pair of jeans, T-shirt, shorts and a light jacket or sweatshirt will do. People donêt dress up much. Tipping at restaurants is optional as they include 10% service charge. However, if you feel like, you can add extra tip of your choice. Its good manners to tip the hotel staff. Always be polite while talking to ticos. The bill is only brought when asked.

Language of San Jose

A lot of people speak English, especially in hotels, tourist agencies, souvenir shops, etc. People who donêt speak English communicate in Spanish. Some common Spanish phrases are Si(yes), No(no), Por favor(please), Gracias(Thank you), De Nada(Youêre welcome), Disculpe(excuse me).

History of San Jose

San Jose was founded in 1777. Before the white people came to stay here, the it was inhabited by the Ohlone Indians who stayed in huts along the Guadalupe river. The Spaniards founded the Mission Santa Clara in the 18th century, which is moved to the University of Santa Clara now. The first civilian community was El Pueblo San Jose de Guadalupe, founded in 1777, which has now moved downtown. San Jose was the first capital of California. But the people werent happy with the living conditions, so they moved it to Monterey. The valley's biggest crops were Prunes, apples, apricots, cherries, peaches and pears. They were stored in cranneries and shipped to other places. After the 1906 earthquake, a lot of damage was done. San Jose is known as the Sillicon Valley as it has a very high technology economy. It started with Dave Packard and Bill Hewett in a garage in Palo Alto in 1938.

Nightlife in San Jose

San Jose has a vibrant lifestyle where people all over the world come to enjoy. Head to the South First Billiards for a good game of Billiards. The Improv is known for having a doze of light laughter and The Swinging Hookah for the amazing Hookah & bar lounge that it is. 55 South and the Agenda are some good bars and restaurants that can be visited. Cafe Stritch and Cafe Frascati are some lovely cafes.

Shopping in San Jose

Rincon del Habano is known for its wide variety of cigars, which people take as souvenirs. The Biesanz Woodworks, Galeria Namu, Sin Domicilio Fijo for purchasing fine arts and crafts. The Multiplaza Escazu and Mall San Pedro top the list of fine malls in San Jose. The Mercado Artesanal and the Escazu Farmers Market are open air markets that sell everything.

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