How To Reach Samalkot

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How to Reach Samalkot

The nearest airport is the Rajahmundry airport. It is an hour drive from Samalkot. You can also reach Samalkot via road transport. Regular state corporation buses connect Samalkot to the main cities like Hyderabad and Vijayawada. Numerous weekly trains also ply on this route. Samalkot has its own railway station.

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How to reach Samalkot by flight

Samalkot does not have an airport of its own, and the nearest Airport is Rajahmundry Airport. The airport is nearly one hour drive from Samalkot. You can take a train or bus to reach Samalkot. The nearest international airport is Visakhapatnam Airport, around 163 km away from Samalkot city. Flights from places like Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Mumbai and Bangalore can be availed to reach the destination.

Nearest Airport: Visakhapatnam Airport (VTZ) - 135 kms from Samalkot

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How to reach Samalkot by road

Samalkot is linked with its neighbouring cities via a well-maintained network of roads. National Highway 5 passing through the town help connects Samalkot with the other main cities of the country. It is located at a distance of nearly 40 km from Annavaram, 15 km from Kakinada, 49 km from Rajahmundry and 125 km from Vishakhapatnam. Several buses owned by APSRTC and private owned plies to and fro from the town.

How to reach Samalkot by train

Samalkot has its own railway station, and there are regular trains incoming from various major cities. You can avail local means of transport like an autorickshaw to explore the city.

Local transport in Samalkot

Samalkot is a small town where moving around is pretty easy. Taxis are easily available around the area which is one of the most convenient ways of exploring the place. Apart from that buses also ply in the town which is definitely cheaper but also a bit slow as compared to the taxi. However, make sure of the weather conditions before planning your trip. Try avoiding the summers as well as monsoon season owing to extremely hot weather conditions and heavy rainfall respectively.

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Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh
Kumararama Bheemeshwara Swamy Temple
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