Paragliding, Queenstown Overview

Queensland is a spectacular place to enjoy paragliding, located on the shores of the South Island's lake. Paragliding is the most amusing of all aerial pursuits, and the Queenstown skyline is a dramatic appeal to all paragliders. Many paragliding companies offer you various town packages at a very reasonable price. It is an exhilarating experience to jump off the cliff and witness the panoramic views of the town.

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Sites for Paragliding

Bob's peak and Coronet Peak are the best spots for paragliding not only in Queenstown but also in the entire country.

Bob's Peak is a great choice for all the adventurous activities at an affordable price for all ages. G- force organises paragliding tours that take one on a tandem paragliding flight to let you experience the best of Queenstown.

Coronet Peak is another beauty that marks its position under the best paragliding spots around the globe. 

It is a gorgeous ski field near Queenstown located approximately 7 kilometres towards the west of Arrowtown. The exhilarating snow terrains make Coronet Peak, New Zealand's most amusing destination for paragliding.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Queenstown is during the spring months. This time of the year is amazing to experience the breath-taking activities like paragliding and hang-gliding. The tranquil views from the top of Coronet Peak is an added bonus for all the visitors.

The most appropriate season to visit Queenstown for paragliding is from March to September with moderate temperature and clear skies to explore the vivid skyline of Queenstown. 


There are many tour operators and companies that provide you with various packages that include thrilling activities like paragliding, hang gliding etc.

G-Force tends to provide the most affordable services with great and professionally skilled trainers. It is the most common approach by the visitors as it is always worth the value they charge.

Skytrek operators They have fully qualified trainees with top safety records and is often a good choice for higher take off which is slightly expensive than the services provided by the other operators.

Coronet Peak tandems are the third operator that would be recommended. It is one of the oldest tour operators. Over the shores of Wakatipu lake standing for more than 30 years with highest commercial take-off point for Queenstown Paragliding activities and an amazing pilot team with professionally qualified too.


  • Paragliding is not an activity recommended for faint-hearted people. Certain precautions need to be taken if one is planning to take the aerial tour.
  • These include keeping a check with weather conditions, letting your operator know about your medical conditions beforehand, checking with the equipment before taking off and last but not the least, avoid crowded and chaotic landing.


Paragliding is one of the most expensive shoots amongst the other aerial stunts but is also a beautiful experience altogether. Paragliding in Queenstown incurs a cost that differs from operators to operators. Operators like G-force charge approximately NZD 235 and NZD 205 for tandem paragliding.

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