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Timings : 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM (Winter)
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Time Required : 2-3 hours

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Luge in Queenstown, Queenstown Overview

Luge is a sport in which one or two people lie supine on a horizontal board-like structure, called a luge. It is a part of the Winter Olympics, where the tracks are made of ice, and the athletes control the luge with the help of their calf and back muscles. Sleds have been widely used for ages in many parts of the world, but the first documented luge race is said to have been in the 15th century in Norway.

The first organized meeting for the sport was organized in 1883, in Switzerland. The first world championship of the sport were held in 1955 in Oslo, Norway. Since then, it has grown in popularity and has become a prominent sport of the Winter Olympics.


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There are two types of trails at the Skyline, Queenstown. They are called the Blue Track and Red Track:

The Blue Track is a  leisurely ride with gentle gradient, easy bends, tunnels and dips.

The Red Track has a steeper gradient and is a more adventurous ride with the thrill of banked corners, tunnels, dippers and cuttings. Everyone is required to complete the Blue Track on their first times, only the are they allowed to go on the Red Track.


  • Individual passes
    • NZD 55 - Adult (1 gondola ride + 2 luge rides)
    • NZD 41 - Child (1 gondola ride + 2 luge rides)
    • NZD 57 - Adult (1 gondola ride + 3 luge rides)
    • NZD 45 - Child (1 gondola ride + 3 luge rides)

  • Group passes
    • NZD 173 (1 gondola ride + 2 luge rides for a family of 4)
    • NZD 210 (1 gondola ride + 2 luge rides for a family of 5)
    • NZD 179 (1 gondola ride + 3 luge rides for a family of 4)
    • NZD218 (1 gondola ride + 3 luge rides for a family of 5)
    • NZD 185 (1 gondola ride + 5 luge rides for a family of 4)
    • NZD 230 (1 gondola ride + 2 luge rides for a family of 5)

Starting Point

The Luge starting point is right on top, at Bob’s Peak. While the gondola from Brecon Street takes you till the Skyline entrance, the Luge entrance is located a few minutes’ walk from the place. There are facilities available to take you to the starting point, from the Luge Entrance. Washroom facilities are also available at the starting point, atop Bob’s Peak.


The starting point of the gondola rides is located at Brecon Street, which is a short walk from central Queenstown. This gondola ride, which is the steepest gondola ride in the Southern Hemisphere, takes you to for Skyline Queenstown Terminal, which is near Bob’s Peak. The place has facilities other than luge, which include mountain biking, viewing decks, stargazing and multiple cafes and restaurants.

The main Luge entrance is a few metres from the Terminal, and it takes you to the top of the hill, from where the luge track begins. There are walking tracks around Skyline Queenstown, which you can use to walk around and see the place.

How To Reach Luge in Queenstown

To Bob’s Peak: The Skyline offers scenic gondola – with the steepest cable car lift in the Southern Hemisphere – from the top of Brecon Street and heads straight up to Bob’s peak. The bottom terminal is within walking distance of the town centre. 

To Brecon Street: The Bus Lines 1 and 2 stop at Brecon Street. The bus stations closest to the street are Queenstown (Connells Mall / Camp St), which is 642 meters away, 9 min walk. Steamer Wharf / Crowne Plaza bus station is 760 meters away, 10 min walk.

Alternatively, there is enough parking space available at Brecon Street, Taxi services such as Uber are also popular and easily available in the city of Queenstown, and can be booked through their apps.


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