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Queenstown's stunning landscapes and jaw-dropping scenery host one of the most epic movies of all time- Lord of the Rings. Tolkien's book got a life when Queenstown dedicated one of the most beautiful areas to suit the entire script. The Lord of the Rings tour will take you through numerous chapters from the trilogy, and the ones who haven't watched the movie will witness the spectacular scenery of the Wakatipu Basin.

The tour starts with Glenorchy, followed by Dart River and lastly to the filming location for Isengard and offers multiple river crossings on the Arrow River, walks around the mystical forests etc. There is Nomad Safaris that operate two different Lord of the Rings tour.

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There are different organizers who take the Lord of the Rings tour in Queenstown. There is no specific entry or exit time for the same.
Best Time of the Day
Though, the operators generally take tours early in the morning so that one can enjoy the visit thoroughly in the daylight.
Average Tour Duration
The tour takes approximately 4-5 hours of your day depending on the itinerary provided by your operator.

Course of the Tour

This tour doesn't have a specific location, instead, it includes meandering into middle Earth, encountering Isengard, Amon Hen, Lothlorien Forest, The Misty Mountains and Ithilien. There are other attractions that one can take a look at while taking the tour. These include the dramatic views of Glenorchy, Paradise Forest, and also Hobbit.

Top Operators

Many operators organise Lord of the Rings tours daily at a very reasonable cost. Here are some of the top operators:
Nomad Safaris
Nomad Safaris is one of the best operators in town that provides economical tour packages with a brilliant and time-saving itinerary.
Adults - NZD 195
Children - NZD 95

Other operators
Pure Glenorchy Lord of the Rings tour
They provide one of the perfect tours across the shoot locations of the trilogy which covers all the major attractions of the same.
Off-Road 4×4 Queenstown
They serve tourists and adventure buffs with breathtaking and magical landscapes on the way.


There are many locations and attractions while you are having a tour of the Lord of Rings's shoot location.
The Ithilien Camp
One can see the location of the Ithilien Camp located at 12 Mile Delta and also dress up as the characters and take pictures with the replica props associated with the film.
Other Attractions
Filming locations for the Pillars of the Kings can also be witnessed at Kawarau Gorge. One can visit the famous Arrow river on the way to the Lighthouse Rock paving through the Skippers Canyon Road.
Varied Icons
Apart from the iconic locations of the trilogy, one can also look for the origins of the other brilliant movie-series, X-Men, that too has some scenes shot at this gorgeous place.

How To Reach Lord of the Rings Tour

It's easy to reach the spot for having Lord of the Rings tour.
By Air
There are direct flights to Queenstown from where there are different operators who organise tours to Lord of Rings shooting location.
Some packages include to and fro from Auckland to Queenstown which covers almost all the locations where Lord of the Rings was shot. There are several other tour packages that start from Christchurch and ends at Queenstown.

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