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Bob, Queenstown Overview

Bob’s Peak in Queenstown, New Zealand, is a popular spot in the city which offers exciting and stunning views of the entire place and is accessible through two routes – the Tiki Trail and the Gondola ride from Queenstown to the summit. The Gondola ride is the most sought-after route here as it gives out a panoramic view of the city along with various activities like the Ledge Bungy and Swing and the stargazing tours, which attract a vast number of tourists.

With adventure ingrained in the twists and turns of the city, Bob’s Peak is one of the most sought-after adventure spots in Queenstown, New Zealand, especially for its Bunging jumping and stargazing tours. However, the ride to the summit is an exciting treat in itself, with the Queenstown Gondola taking you around 500 metres high in the air and letting out scenic views of the entire town of Queenstown. Once at Bob’s Peak, the spectacular view of Coronet peak, Cecil and Walter peak and the other mountains, along with the beautiful Lake Wakatipu, charms the visitors. Another way to get to Bob’s Peak is a hike through the Tiki Trail, which starts at the Gondola point.

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Individual packages:

Gondola:  Adult: $44, Children: $26

Gondola + 2 Luge Rides: Adult $61, Children: $43, Gondola + 3 Luge Rides: Adult: $63, Children: $45, Gondola + 5 Luge Rides: Adult: $67, Children: $49.

Special offer: Gondola + 6 Luge Rides: Adult: $69, Children: $51

Gondola and Restaurant  

Gondola + Dinner: Adult $99, Children: $54, Premium Gondola + Dinner: Adult $119, Children $74, Gondola + Lunch: Adult $79, Children: $43, Premium Gondola + Lunch: Adult $99, Children: $63, Gondola, Lunch + 5 Luge Rides: Adult $118, Children: $82


Gondola + Stargazing: Adult: $99, Children: $54, Gondola + Dinner + Stargazing: Adult $150, Children $83

Mountain Biking  

Single Run: Adult $45, Children $30, 6 Ride Pass: Adult $80, Children$60, Full Day Pass: Adult $110, Children $75, 3 Day Pass: Adult $249, Children $159, 50 Ride Pass: Adult $499, Children $249, 100 Ride Pass: Adult $649, Children $319, Season Pass: Adult $849, Children: $399

Here the age of children should be between 5 – 14 years

Family Packages: 

Gondola: Family of 4 - $126, 5 - $149

Gondola and Luge  

Gondola + 2 Luge Rides: Family of 4 - $187, 5 - $226, Gondola + 3 Luge Rides: Family of 4 - $194, 5 - $235, Gondola + 5 Luge Rides: Family of 4 - $209, 5 - $253

Gondola and Restaurant  

Gondola + Dinner: Family of 4 - $275, 5 - $324, Premium Gondola + Dinner: Family of 4 - $355, 5 - $424, Gondola + Lunch: Family of 4 - $220, Family of 5 - $258, Premium Gondola + Lunch: Family of 4 - $300, 5 - $358


Gondola + Stargazing: Family of 4 - $275, 5 - $324

Gondola + Dinner + Stargazing: Family of 4 - $419, 5- $494

Here the family of 4 should include 2 adults and 2 children, and the family of 5 should include 2 adults and 3 children.

Activities Available

The Skyline Luge is one of the major attractions here where the visitors can sit on the Luge cart, invented in the country itself, and enjoy the ride through the tracks at their desired speed. There are two tracks available – one of them to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the town while the other is more in line for the adventure buffs. Also available are other activities like the Ledge Bungy and Swing where one can either soak in the beauty of the scene there or take part in the action by taking the leap. There is also a paragliding tour here where you can get an aerial view of the peak and the city and a newly introduced tour where you can stargaze at night if the weather permits. With over 12 mountain bike trails the visitors can enjoy the ride down the hill on their bikes, which they can carry with them on the gondola, or simply hike through the mountains, out of which the Ben Lomond Summit is the most popular hike. Also to witness here are the traditional Maori Kiwi Haka performances which portray the legends and history of the place.

The Skyline Complex also has a wide variety of cafés and restaurants where the visitors can relax while taking in the view of the city.

How To Reach Bob's Peak

The Skyline Gondola is the most preferred route to Bob’s Peak while the hike through Tiki Trail which starts at the Gondola base is often taken up by hikers and adventure seekers. Both of these routes give out a scenic view of the entire city along the way. 

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