7 Cafes in Queenstown that Will Quench your Thirst for Coffee

The adventure capital of New Zealand is well known for a lot of things, from beautiful mountains to gorgeous trails, and cafes in Queenstown are also a big part. There are numerous cafes of high quality that makes it convenient for tourists and locals to find a peaceful spot. These cafes in Queenstown are great for brunches and lunches where one can either opt for the healthy option or indulge in heavy meals. If you are looking for a spot to relax after a long walk or want to eat your lunch with a view, Queenstown has got everything. 

Read on to find out about our favourite cafes in Queenstown!

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1. Bespoke Kitchen 

Located in Isle Street, Bespoke Kitchen overlooks the bay and the Remarkables. The famed bistro has a summer day camp feel to it, with its wood highlights and woodland green accents. Take a chill pill and relax among the pine trees or go inside, where it's continually humming. The created menu is loaded up with solid and new breakfast choices that change with the seasons. 

We can't avoid the unadulterated gold smoothie bowl with banana, mango, pineapple, turmeric base and finished off with coconut for a yummy and light choice. The eggs benedict is similarly astonishing, made with either the other bacon, salmon, or mushrooms. Named New Zealand Cafe of the Year in 2015, no excursion to Queenstown is finished without breakfast at Bespoke.

2. The Chop Shop Merchant 

Located in Arrowtown, many people head over to explore the ancient drags. Set amongst the stone houses, behind the memorable central avenue, Chop Shop is a vintage and modern style. Get comfortable with a wanton breakfast of huevos rancheroes, ricotta hotcakes, or the most current menu thing, purple kumara waffles. The espresso here is blended flawlessly, and they likewise do an incredible coffee martini if you want your early lunch with a kick. Chop Shop is an unquestionable visit for the local people and tourists, so make sure to stop in when you're in next in Arrowtown. 

3. Vudu Cafe and Larder 

Located in Rese street, Vudu cafe overlooks the stunning Lake Wakatipu and attracts locals and tourists alike. The menu ranges from nutritious to the wanton, with the mid-year superfood bowl besting our rundown. Made with firm tofu, root vegetables, earthy colored rice, and loads of other flavourful fixings, you're certainly getting your five per day. However, we can't avoid the Vudu Burger, rosemary, sage, kelp salt hamburger, kumara, and chickpea falafel; both are served on a charcoal bun with hand-cut agria fries. 
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4. The Exchange 

Located in Ballarat Street, The Exchange is the perfect spot for early breakfasts or brunches. The little, moderate bistro is an awesome spot for your morning dinner. The menu is loaded with all the works of art, from buttermilk flapjacks to eggs, benedict served on rosti. Espresso at The Exchange is similar to the Bloody Mary's if you need a morning drink.

5. Balls and Bangles 

Located in Church Street, Balls and Bangles are well known for their doughnuts and bagels. Balls and Bangles don't have a broad menu. Rather it's known for completing two things truly well. Since opening in 2016, Balls and Bangles have gotten Queenstown's go-to for debauched doughnuts, crack shakes, and bagels you'll want the entire day. A definitive solace food, it's anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Balls and Bangles is one of the best cafes in Queenstown. 

6. Big Fig 

Located in Shotover Street, Big Fig offers high-quality food and coffee. The contemporary bistro is a go-to spot for local people and guests. Brekkie is served shop style with chia, or bircher brekkie pots, centre eastern granola with stewed foods grown from the ground labneh. The cupboard is filled with tasty cakes, cuts, bread rolls, and pittas throughout the day and housemade plunges and mezze bowls are accessible. The Big Fig group is focused on lessening their waste generation, so all food scraps go to pigs, and clients get a rebate when they utilize reusable takeaway cups and bowls.

7. Yonder 

Located on Church Street, Yonder is the go-to spot if you are looking for the best coffee in Queenstown. With a lot of room all around, we propose hitting the yard for your morning supper. The menu is broad and obliges all eating regimens. We propose getting into the braised pork midsection, the panna cotta passionfruit granola, or the veggie lover Mexican scramble. In case you're scaling back caffeine, they additionally do fantastic turmeric, beetroot, dark sesame, and matcha lattes close by a not insignificant rundown of teas.

Have we missed out on any of your favourite cafes in Queenstown?


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