AJ Hackett Bungy, Queenstown Overview

AJ Hackett Bungy is an adventure sports organization that organizes bungee jumping and has set up several commercial bungee jumping sites across New Zealand. They have set the benchmark for adventure activities in New Zealand with over 30 years of experience. Although Bungy jumping is their primary activity offered, they specialize in 11 activities, with 7 of them set up in Queenstown. They are the pioneers in commercializing bungee jumping as an adventure sport and are one of the renowned groups in the adventure Bungy field as they have a 100% spotless safety record.

A J Hackett offers seven unique spots and activities in Queensland. They are the Kawarau Bridge Bungy, Kawarau Zip ride, Nevis Bungy, Nevis Catapult, Nevis Swing, Ledge Bungy, and The Ledge Swing. A J Hackett’s Kawarau Bungy Centre in Queenstown is the first-ever commercial Bungy centre in the world. This is a must-visit in Queenstown for all the adventure junkies out there. It was opened in 1988 and is known as the World Home of Bungy. The spot also has a spectacular view to offer. Being adventurous with A J Hackett Bungy has its rewards as they make it an easy and exciting experience for beginners and experts alike.

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AJ Hackett Adventure Centres in Queenstown

Kawarau Bungy Centre: As mentioned earlier, this particular Bungy spot is a must-visit in Queenstown. It is located on the state highway 6 in Gibbston Valley at the gateway to Queenstown. It is one of the primary iconic adventure centres in Queenstown, more than worthy of a visit. This was where the start of an adventure for AJ Hackett took place. There is even a zipline experience offered. There is even a snack centre for you to kill your hunger or thirst.

Nevis Bungy: This adventure location has a 134-meter long Bungy and also one of the world’s biggest swings. This is best for people who want to take their Bungy experience to the next level. The rush that is felt here is unmatchable.

Ledge Bungy: This location offers freestyle Bungy which means that it is up to to the jumper to decide which way they’d want to launch off the ledge. To get to the launching spot, there is a small gondola ride that you will have to take across a spectacular view underneath. This spot is ultimately unique in its location and experience.

Tickets and Timings

The Kawarau Bungy Centre timings: Open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
The buses go there every day at 9.20am, 10.40am, 12.00pm, 1.20pm and 2.40pm.

Tickets for the Gondola are available directly from the Skyline ticketing office at the top of Brecon St.

The cost of adventure activities in Queenstown are as follows:

Kawarau Bridge Bungy:

NZD 205

Karawau Zipride:

Adult; NZD 50
Child; NZD 40

Nevis Bungy:

NZD 275

Nevis Swing

Adult; NZD 220
Child; NZD 170
Student; NZD 190

Nevis Catapult

Adult; NZD 255
Student; NZD 225

Ledge Bungy

NZD 205

Ledge Swing

Adult; 165
Child; NZD 115 Student; NZD 135

How To Reach AJ Hackett Bungy

  • By car: It is easy to reach the Kawarau Bungy Centre by car as it is located just at the gateway of Queenstown. The drive until it is very pleasant and there is also free parking in the area.
  • By bus: There are several shuttle bus services offered till the Bungy centre. This bus service is provided by A J Hackett itself and is free of cost. The bus departs from three places in Queenstown i.e, the Queenstown Bungy Centre, at the cross of Shotover and Camp streets. The bus system is more apt for Nevis as driving privileges until there are limited.
  • As mentioned before, you will need to take a short gondola ride up to Bob’s peak to reach the Ledge Bungy. There is no way to drive up to there.
  • An alternative option is to hike up until the spot but this is not recommended during winters.

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