What is the best time to visit Queenstown?

Queenstown is fabulous throughout the year. This makes choosing an objective best time to visit fairly difficult, as different people have different requirements. Winters are a great time to visit Queenstown. This is due to many reasons, none more important than the fact that ski fields open during this period, which is usually the main reason people visit Queenstown. The town is bustling and fairly busy during the winters, and the end of June also sees the Queenstown Winter Festival being celebrated. Summers, on the other hand, are a busy time as well. Temperatures are warm and pleasant and everybody is out and about. You can go for treks, or relax at the shores of the Lake Wakatipu, or even take a swim! It is also a great time to stroll around and explore the town.

Weather in Queenstown


Upcoming Queenstown Weather

Monthly Weather in Queenstown

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 23°/ 10° 7 days
February 22°/ 9° 8 days
March 19°/ 5° 7 days
April 16°/ 5° 10 days
May 14°/ 4° 9 days
June 10°/ 1° 7 days
July 11°/ 1° 8 days
August 11°/ 0° 5 days
September 14°/ 1° 5 days
October 13°/ 3° 13 days
November 18°/ 7° 14 days
December 17°/ 6° 15 days

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