How To Reach Quebec City

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How to Reach Quebec City

Easy travel to Qu_bec can be facilitated through roads, rail and airways.

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How to Reach Quebec City from India

Jean-Lesange Airport can be reached from important Indian metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, and it can be an entry/access point to all other Canadian cities by road.

How to reach Quebec City by flight

Jean-Lesage International Airport, that is 10 kms away from the city-centre, is well connected to all major cities in Canada, USA and around Europe. Some important air carriers operating in Qu_bec are Air Canada, Air Inuit, Pascan,American Airlines and and Westjet.

How to reach Quebec City by road

Highway 20, or Autoroute Jean Lesage is the main route to Qu_bec from almost every Canadian city, and Highway 40 makes the city accessible from the north.

How to reach Quebec City by train

Rail Canada facilitates rail travel between important Canadian cities like Ottawa, Montr_al, Toronto and Qu_bec. Qu_bec has two stations: Gare du Palais and Gare de Saint-Foy.

How to reach Quebec City by bus

Intercar, Orleans Express and Greyhound buses are all available for transport to and from important Canadian cities.

How to reach Quebec City by Waterways

There are ferries across the St. Lawrence river, and that is about all the waterway that Qu_bec has.

Local transport in Quebec City

The best way to get around the main city of Qu_bec, is to walk. This was, tourists get a fuller experience of the area, as the streets are filled with small cul-de-sacs, buskers, and fascinating buildings. Cycling and motorcycling are also other, quicker options. Public transit, such as local buses and taxis are also available, as are car and limousine rentals (slightly more on the expensive side).

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