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Shinde's Chatri, Pune Overview

Located in Wanwadi in Pune, Shinde Chhatri is a memorial dedicated to the 18th century military leader Shri Mahadji Shinde who served as commander-in-chief under the Peshwas from 1760s to the 1780s.. Flanked by Bhairoba stream on the right, the imposing monument stands tall as a memoir and reminiscent of the gala Maratha period. The memorial aka the ‘chhatri’ meaning umbrella, is situated right next to an ancient Shiva temple and boasts of Anglo- Rajasthani architecture with carvings on black and yellow stone. The central hall is the cremation point of the Mahadji Shinde who was cremated here on the 12th of February, 1794 CE.

The main section is enclosed in 15 feet tall sturdy fortifications and boasts of intricate architecture. Till 1794 CE, the complex only consisted of a temple enshrined by Lord Shiva that was constructed by Mahadji Shinde himself in the same year that he passed away. In 1965, a memorial i.e. a samadhi was constructed for the commander-in-chief by the descendents and successors of Mahadji Shinde- Shrimant Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia of Gwalior and Daulat Rao Scindia of Gwalior. The chhatri was constructed following the Vaasthu rules. Today, the monument is managed by Shinde Devasthan Trust, Gwalior and it still boasts of exuberant architecture, elaborate coloured window panels, pillared halls and carved ceilings etc.

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Architecture of Shinde Chhatri

The three storeyed building boasts of an Anglo- Rajasthani architecture with elaborate walls and carved ornate pillars. The interior walls have been adorned with the pictures and paintings of the Shinde family. The inner sanctum houses a huge sculpture of Mahadji Shinde. The Shiva temple has idols and carvings of different saints and gods carved out of yellow stone and the base of the sanctum sanctorum is constructed in black stone. The Chhatri like stated has a gallery depicted the life and times of the Shinde’s. The massive windows have coloured window panes inspired from the English style of architecture. There is beautiful stucco work in orange and green depicted on the inner walls.

The bright and vibrant walls are lit up with the glow of the charming royal chandeliers adorning the ceilings of the section. Constructed with the Vaastu Hara rules, the spiral staircase and the stained glass window panes clearly reflect the European and the Rajasthani designs reminding one of the English cathedrals and palaces. The temple also boasts of extravagant architecture with a golden kalash occupying the topmost position on the topmost spire. The Chhatri also has sculptures of different saints occupying different spots on the roof. In addition to this, there is also a Vittala temple in the premises. The monument was however, neglected for a long time and was in ruins for sometime in between. But now the efforts have been made to renovate and restore it and it is gradually gaining back its shine and vigour.

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