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Bhigwan, Pune Overview

Also known as “Bharatpur of Maharashtra”, Bhigwan is located near Pune. It is a perfect weekend getaway for bird and animal lovers. This place will let you relax and enjoy some peaceful time away from the hustle bustle of the city. Bhigwan has three wildlife sanctuaries and you will be able to spot a myriad variety of flora and fauna. The beauty of this place is simply mesmerizing. After visiting Bhigwan you would surely be able to differentiate between the different kinds of birds. Bhigwan is a serene and quiet place that must be visited to rejuvenate your body and soul.

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Best Time To Visit Bhigwan

The best time to visit Bhigwan is between the months of November and March.But, if you want to witness its true beauty you must visit this place in February as a lot of rare and beautiful birds migrate here during this period.

Tips For Visiting Bhigwan

1. Carry ample amount of water with you to avoid getting dehydrated.
2. Carry eatables and food items with you as there are not a lot of eateries in Bhigwan and you might not get proper food to eat.
3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Places to Visit

1. Ujani Lake

Ujani Lake is a serene and tranquil lake in Bhigwan which is a favourite amongst the travelers. Travelers here are also able to witness the beauty of some birds up close as they visit this lake often to quench their thirst. You can even enjoy some quiet time boating in this calm and beautiful lake.

2. Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a small sanctuary covering 5 square km but still is home to a plenitude of wildlife. At a mere entry fee of Rs. 30 you will be able to witness the grandeur and beauty of nature. Some of the beautiful birds that can be seen here are grey hornbill, black-winged kite, kingfisher, sparrow and laughing dove. The animals that can easily be spotted are Indian jackal, Indian fox, Indian gray wolf , Chinkara, gazelle and stripped hyena. Covering such a small area, the best part about this wildlife sanctuary is that you can take your car inside it and explore or walk on foot amidst the dense forest and explore while being close to nature. You can visit this wildlife sanctuary anytime between 6am to 6pm.

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

3. Bhigwan Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhigwan Wildlife Sanctuary is another famous place replete with flora and fauna especially birds. This place is covered with verdant trees on which a number of colourful birds can be spotted fluttering their wings. Some of them include ducks, herons, raptors, waders and flamingos. You can even take a safari in this wildlife sanctuary to explore this vast area fully. The entry fee for the wildlife sanctuary is Rs. 30. You can explore this wildlife sanctuary anytime between 6am to 6:30pm.

4. Lord Shiva Temple

Built in the 13 century, Lord Shiva Temple is located on the hilltop of Bhuleshwar. This temple has a huge historical significance. Myth has it that this was the place where Goddess Parvati danced in front of Lord Shiva and later both of them got married. A lot of people visit this temple not only to pray but also see the beautiful carvings that are there in the temple.

5. Khumbhargaon Bird Sanctuary

Khumbhargaon bird sanctuary is located near the Ujani Lake and it is a safe haven for a lot of birds. The entry fee for this sanctuary is also Rs. 30. Beautiful birds can be spotted easily either flying or relaxing near the lake to beat the heat and satiate their thirst. Painted stork, hyena, ducks, doves and flamingos are the most common birds that can be spotted. You can visit this bird sanctuary anytime between 6am to 6:30pm.

Things to Do


Spend some peaceful time paddling in the serene water of Ujani Lake and relish the beauty of nature. If possible, try to witness either a sunrise or a sunset as during this time period the lake looks extremely beautiful.

Bird Photography

Bhigwan is home to a lot of beautiful and colourful chirping birds. Take a walk and click photographs of these rare and amazing birds. A photography tour in Bhigwan will give you an opportunity to explore and learn about the different kinds of birds.


You can also enjoy a safari ride in the wildlife sanctuary. A safari ride into the dense forests will give you an opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity of this place and will be refreshing too.


Camping facilities are available in Bhigwan. Tents are provided by some of the travel companies in which you can stay amidst the nature and surround yourself by the chirping of the birds. A camping experience is a must to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Bird Watching

Since a large number of rare, different and colourful are inhabitants of Bhigwan, bird watching is an activity that you must indulge in. Watch the birds flutter their wings or hear them chirup perched on trees. Bird watching will help you learn a lot about different types of birds.

Bhigwan is a beautiful place which can easily be visited to unwind and get away from the tensions of life. You will get an opportunity to live among the sweet chirpings of the birds that will brighten up your day. So, take a trip to this place and spend some time enjoying the beauties of nature and myriad wildlife.

Flora and Fauna

Bhigwan is a home to plethora of flora and fauna. The myriad variety of birds that habitat and migrate to this place is exceptional. Some of the colourful and beautiful birds include Ducks, Herons, Egrets, Raptors, Painted Storks, Barheaded geese, DEmoiselle Cranes, Waders and many more. But the bird for which people travel and visit Bhigwan from far away places are the elegant Flamingos. Sometimes around 1000-1200 flamingos are seen together relishing the nature. It is quite a sight to see. Apart from birds a lot of animals including Indian fox, Indian jackal, Indian gray wolf and Indian gazelle also are inhabitants of Bhigwan.

How To Reach Bhigwan

By Air: The nearest airport to Bhigwan is Pune airport which is well connected with all the major cities in India. The distance between Pune Airport and Bhigwan is around 100 km which you can easily cover by renting a car.
By Rail: The closest railway station to Bhigwan is Bhigwan Railway Station which will drop you at Bhigwan itself. The rail service is well connected from Mumbai and Pune.
By Road: Bhigwan is at a distance of around 100 km from Pune and around 250 km from Mumbai. You can either take your own car or rent a car and have a road trip whilst enjoying the scenic beauty. Some private and public buses also run from Pune and Mumbai that will take you to Bhigwan.

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Ajay Warat

on Bhigwan 6 months ago
Good place for bird lovers. I visited 19 January 2021 But not see flemingos. Ride through ujani dam is very good. Guide are very helpful and knowledgeable. Many other migratory birds we saw. Also tas (Read More)ty fish food at bhigwan must taste everyone.

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