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How to Reach Punakha from India

There are numerous airlines that carry passengers daily from India to the country of Bhutan. Two of the major flights which have a direct landing at Paro include the Druk Air Flight as well as Bhutan Airlines Flight. From that location you can take a taxi which would leave you in Punakha district.

Most frequently searched routes to Punakha

Route Name Distance Time
Thimpu to Punakha 84.6 km 2 h 27 min
Paro to Punakha 125.6 km 3 h 21 mins

How to reach Punakha by flight

The only convenient flight option in Bhutan is Paro International Airport from where Thimphu is 47.2 kilometres away and takes 1 hour 15 minutes to reach Punakha. Another option is to take a taxi from Paro to Punakha. 

Bhutan Airlines operates flights with Delhi, Kolkata, Kathmandu and Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi along with seasonal flights from Gaya and Ahmedabad. Druk Air is the government airline that operates flights with Delhi, Kolkata, Kathmandu, Bagdogra, Guwahati, Gelephu, Dhaka, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Singapore and Jakar.   

Flight Options Available 

  • DEL To PBH –Druk Air 205 on Monday and Wednesday 1:05 AM to 12:35 PM, Druk Air 201 on Tuesday, Thursday 10:50 AM to 1:20 PM, Bhutan Airlines 774 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10:20 AM to 1 PM
  • CCU To PBH –Bhutan Airlines 701 from Sunday to Tuesday and Thursday, Friday 8:15 AM to 9:55 AM, Druk Air 211 on Friday 8:45 AM to 10:25 AM, on Monday 9:10 AM to 10:50 AM and on Tuesday, Wednesday 9:10 AM to 11:10 AM
  • KTM To PBH –Bhutan Airlines 772 on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 3 PM to 4:20 PM, Druk Air 205 on Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday 2:30 PM to 3:50 PM, Druk Air 401 on Wednesday 3:25 PM to 4:45 PM. 
  • BKK To PBH –Druk Air 151 on Sunday 12 noon to 2 PM, from Tuesday through Saturday 1:10 PM to 3:10 PM, Druk Air 153 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 5 PM to 7 PM. 
  • GAY To PBH –Druk Air 221 on Saturday 9:50 AM to 11:30 AM, on Tuesday 11:50 AM to 1:30 PM and on Thursday 3:10 PM to 4:50 PM. Bhutan Airlines 707 on Wednesday and Saturday 9:40 AM to 11:10 AM. 
  •  IXB To PBH –Druk Air 231 on Monday 10:50 AM to 12:20 PM and on Wednesday 1 PM to 2:30 PM. 
  • GAU To PBH –Druk Air 241 on Friday 12 noon to 1:50 PM and on Tuesday 12:55 PM to 2:35 PM, Druk Air 541 on Sunday and Thursday 3:35 PM to 4:55 PM. 
  • DAC To PBH –Druk Air 301 on Sunday 11:50 AM to 1:20 PM, on Monday and Friday 1:45 PM to 2:45 PM. 
  • SIN To PBH –Druk Air 551 on Tuesday 6:30 AM to 9 AM
The cost and duration of the flight are subject to change according to distance.

How to reach Punakha by road

You can reach to the Bhutan International Airport which is located in Paro. Here you would be able to get a taxi which would leave you straight into the district of Punakha.

How to reach Punakha by train

There is no way to reach Punakha By Train but, you can take a train to Hasimara in West Bengal, India and then reach Jaigaon on the opposite border of Phuentsholing in Bhutan. From Phuentsholing, you will get private or government-run buses as well as taxis and private cars to reach Thimphu, which is about 146.8 kilometres away and takes around 4 hours to reach. From Thimphu, get a car or bus to reach Punakha.          

Train Options Available 

Trains To Siliguri, Siliguri To Hasimara –Siliguri Junction in West Bengal is well connected with cities like Kolkata (Sealdah, Howrah), Mumbai, New Delhi, Bhagalpur, Kishanganj, Malda and Dhupguri. The journey is days long and hectic.   
Trains To Hasimara –There are direct trains to Hasimara Station from Patna (KYQ Capital Express, Monday to Thursday), Ranchi (RNC KYQ Express, Thursday), Delhi (Mahananda Express, daily), Kolkata (Kanchankanya Express, daily), Mumbai (Karmabhoomi Express, Friday) etc which are also connected with major cities in India. 

Duration: 12-16 hours on the train to Hasimara. Subject to change according to the train and the city you are travelling from.   

How to reach Punakha by bus

You can visit the district of Punakha by travelling through numerous inter-district buses which travel form the border of Phuentsholing. Numerous private buses with the seating capacity of 22 run through this area.

How to reach Punakha by Waterways

There isn't any route to Bhutan by Sea.

Local transport in Punakha

You can mostly travel through this area on foot. However, if required then there is a taxi stand near Dzong where you can hire a cab for going to any place you like.

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