15 Romantic Restaurants in Pretoria for the Perfect Date

To know any country from its roots, you must dive deeper into its food. South Africa’s glorious Pretoria is an emerging tourist spot now. Many couples visit Pretoria for its picturesque landscape, diverse culture, and fantastic food. To enjoy a romantic weekend in Pretoria, you need to indulge in the unparalleled list of romantic restaurants in Pretoria. From tasting pork croquettes to concluding with Tirra me Sue - this food journey will be worthwhile, romantic, and memorable.

Here are some of the best romantic restaurants in Pretoria

1. Kream Brooklyn

Kream Brooklyn
Kream Brooklyn
Located in the heart of Pretoria, Kream Brooklyn serves some of the best South African cuisines with a modern twist. Started by Tufan Yerebaken in 2007, this continental restaurant welcomes you to a modern, contemporary setting perfect for spending a romantic date night with your lover. The fine dining experience includes different seating options like intimate seating, a private booth, and even terrace seating for experiencing mocktails and sunset together. 

Start your romantic endeavour by ordering the particular California Rolls in Classic Sushi and enjoy the melting salmon and its bursting flavours in your mouth. There is beef trinchado, crocodile, pork croquettes, and many more. The main course remains incomplete without tasting the fillet bone marrow grills and some basil pesto and feta pasta with cherry tomatoes and basil pesto. Kream serves some of the best desserts in the city, and try the malva pudding with vanilla ice cream or the tasty pear tart with crushed almonds. You can choose from a wide selection of wine and cocktails to enjoy a lovely sunset backdrop.
 Address - 283 Dey St, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa

2. De Kloof Restaurant

De Kloof Restaurant
De Kloof Restaurant
The fantastic view of Pretoria city with European-style cuisine in De Kloof will be memorable for a long time. The ambience of De Kloof is modern and inviting and is decorated with wooden futures for a classy look. An outdoor seating arrangement is also available to enjoy the Pretoria evening wind. The menu changes randomly, almost every month, according to the seasonal specialities that the restaurant serves. Do not miss the freshly baked bread at the De Kloof and enjoy a sip of the rich wine here.

For starters, you can have the Pinchos or the tasty Moules Mariniere filled with bacon lardons and sweet potato bread. In the main course, enjoy a platter of healthy Vegan Delight or Mrs Applebum, which includes roasted pork belly, apple galette, and black rice.  Don't forget to enjoy some Tirra me Sue with orange jellies and a chocolate nest or the Pretty in pink strawberry ice cream with refreshing mint powder.
Address - Waterkloof Golf Estate Johan Rissik Drive, Eclipse Rd, Groenkloof 358-Jr, Pretoria, 0027, South Africa

3. La Pentola

La Pentola
La Pentola
The famous La Pentola Restaurant was founded in 1995 to explore the varied flavours of South Africa along with specializing in International cuisine. Every detail is carefully crafted by renowned Chef Patron and Author Shane Sauvage. There is an essence of French, Italian and Mediterranean flavours merged with the local resources in the best way possible. One of the specialities of La Pentola is that they boast of not adding any artificial flavours or MSG in any of their preparations. 

Starting from soups and salads to desserts - the delicious cuisine will make the day better and brighter. Taste the smoke springbok carpaccio tossed with kalamata olives and parmesan cheese and Angel snails with fresh oregano as starters. Dive into the main course with Honey Mustard Pork, Filleto Bourdalaise, or the famous San Antonio Fillet. Plenty of seafood, poultry, and vegan options are also available. Do not miss the Danish Vanilla and White Chocolate & Malva Terrine to conclude your romantic dinner.
 Address - 5 Well St, Riviera, Pretoria, 0084, South Africa

4. Geet Indian Restaurant

Geet Indian Restaurant
Geet Indian Restaurant
The best Indian flavours have found their home in Brooklyn through Geet Indian Restaurant. The word Geet means musical, and this restaurant tries to create the same through its multiverse of cuisine. Owned and managed by Gita Jivan, this family-run concern uses classic techniques infused with fresh ingredients to bring out the magic of the recipes. The warm setting of the restaurant immediately gives you the feel of India in a far-away Brooklyn city.

Start your romantic dinner by ordering the exceptional Sauvignon Blanc, where you will taste chicken and lamb preparations tossed with flavours of tomato and sundried coriander, along with the fruit character of Sauvignon Blanc. There is the classic Thread Paneer, Dal Arancini, Rice Pokoda in vegetarian options, and Jaffrani Kebab, Machli Hill Top in non-vegetarian preparations. If you have a little more space left in your tummy, order the delicious Lamb Shank Biryani for a perfect ending to your dinner journey. 
Address - 541 Fehrsen St, Brooklyn, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa

5. Relish Bistro

Relish Bistro
Relish Bistro
Are you tired of fine dining and want to try something different but romantic in South Africa? Head to Pretoria's very own Relish Bistro with a wonderfully rustic feel, a new steakhouse, a fully functional bar, and uncountable seafood choices. Be it for lunch, dinner, or brunch; you can have a perfect romantic time here.

Start the romantic conversation over a cup of cappuccino or Chai Latte. Keep the conversation going with Club Sandwich and Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap. The burgers in Relish Bistro need special mention, and some of the best among those are the Keto Chicken Birger, Chicken Cheese Burger, and the very special Relish Burger with a pure beef patty. There is pizza, prawns, steak, pork, and much more to add to the variety.
Address - Grosvenor St & Pretorius St, Hatfield, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa

6. Crawdaddy’s Brooklyn

Crawdaddy's Brooklyn
Crawdaddy's Brooklyn
Famous in Pretoria for its seafood and steaks preparation, Crawdaddy’s was established in 1995 and quickly;y became a favourite of the locals and tourists. Located centrally, the food here is a perfect amalgamation of Mediterranean, Thai and Portuguese cuisine infused with local flavours. The signature platter is the delicious chowder which is a must to taste.

For starters, try the Jalapeno Poppers with cheddar and cream cheese that will melt inside your mouth or the heavenly Blue Cheese and Bacon Snails with feta and Roquefort cheese. The mini platter at the main course includes hake, calamari, squid heads, and delicious fresh prawns. The Caramelized Balsamic Onion and Camembert are garnished with freshly chopped basil leaves. If you are into wines, try the signature ones like Beyerkloof, Laborie, or the Kleine Zalze Cabernet. 
 Address  - 02, Brooklyn Piazza, Middel St, Brooklyn, Pretoria, 0145, South Africa

7. Blue Crane Restaurant and Bar

Blue Crane Restaurant and Bar, Pretoria
Blue Crane Restaurant
Located in the heart of Pretoria just beside the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary, the relaxed and serene ambience of the Blue Crane sets the mood suitable for a romantic meal. There is a sundeck to add to your experience, offering a fantastic view of the lake just beside. For a chilli winter evening, there is a Boma area, a perfect bonfire arrangement to enjoy with family, friends, and your partner. The upstairs bar, overlooking the perfect view, offers uncountable options in cocktails and mocktails as well.

For lunch, you can have exotic mushrooms with sweet pearl onions, Bobotie spring rolls with pawpaw chilli chutney, or simply but tasty fresh;y prepared Garden Herb Salad. For the main course, there is Baby chicken served with vegetables, Pap and Wors with Sheba, and the ever-tasty Peri Peri Chicken Prego served with a salad. End your meal with chocolate and nut brownies, or experiment by choosing the Cake of the Day and get surprised.
Address - 156 Melk St, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa

8. Forti Grill and Bar 

Forti Grill and Bar
Forti Grill & Bar
Get a few of the entire eastern Pretoria from Forti Grill and Bar and enjoy your romantic meal with your partner, disturbed. Located at the top of Times Square, testing this contemporary style, Italy specializes in Italian cuisine and names all its flavours and dishes as uniquely Forti. Apart from enjoying the unparalleled view, the fine dining experience here offers you a wide selection of wine, gin, exceptional food, and whatnot.

You can start your dining experience with chicken livers, Parma Ham, oysters, or some classic Greek salad with Danish creamy feta. If you love spicy chicken wings or smoked springbok, try spicy chicken wings. There is a wide selection of pizza that you can choose from, starting with Napoletana, Inverno, to Classic Margherita and Capri. The Lasagna with mozzarella cheese and Bechamel is a must-try here. Don't forget to have the Creme Brulee to conclude on a sweet note. For drink, there is white wine, champagne, sparkling wine, rose wine, red wine, beer, spirits, and Nawty Forti Cocktails.
Address - C/O Aramist & Corobay Street Menlyn Maine Precinct 08600FORTI(36784) 

9. Brasserie de Paris

Pretoria can't be more romantic than sitting with your partner at Brasserie de Paris and enjoying the mesmerizing view of the Waterkloof Ridge right from your table. This contemporary-styled French International restaurant is housed at the unique home of Karl Jooste. He studied architecture in Pretoria, and the entire home is designed keeping in mind the African context. You can see the use of overhangs and sinus-curved brick vaults, creating magic in the entire setting.

Food expeditions can start with delicious ones like Pork Bonbons, Bacon and Pea Puree, or some pure French Country Salad. Steak au Poivre, Beef fillet, and peppercorns are the main course. Without the Vanilla Pod Creme Brulee, there is no perfect ending to a Pretoria lunch.
Address - 381 Aries St, Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa

10. LeSi Restaurant - Casa Toscana

LeSi Restaurant
LeSi Restaurant
A Saturday night in Pretoria will become even better if you spend an evening at Casa Toscana’ LeSi restaurant offering multiple cuisine choices amidst a romantic setting. Apart from just dining, you can book your own private gazebos at just R 100 per person and experience a unique spa just before your romantic dinner date. A la Carte menu, a dimly light atmosphere and some candle lights are a The dinners become even better with the small acoustic serenade and live [performances.

You can start with the special wood-smoked chicken breast and camembert or some salmon terrine for dinner. A plate of Patagonian calamari tubes tossed with tomato sauce is equally irresistible. Enjoy the beef fillet and pork neck steak espetada for the main course. There is a vast menu of seafood and poultry available. Conclude your dinner with a fantastic choice of desserts like velvet chocolate mousse tartlet, creme brulee, or the delicious chocolate mud pudding.
Address - 5 Darlington Rd, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria, 0081, South Africa

11. Priva Gastrolounge

Priva Lounge Pretoria
Priva Lounge
As the name suggests, you will experience the best food curated with Indoor and outdoor seating arrangements here as Priva only. The fine ingredients are appreciated in the entire Pretoria, the champagne and oyster bar is one of its kind, and the temperature-controlled Wine Cellar is a must to explore and savour. This is Pretoria’s top sundowner spot and serves you delicious food accompanied by live jazz every Wednesday to Saturday. To add to the experience, there is also a high-air extraction cigar lounge to help to relax and enjoy a romantic outdoor time. 

For starters, you can try the duck salad, salmon tartare, or the Waldorf salad with cos lettuce, walnuts, and celery. The main course is savouring Sirloin with cubed potatoes, Creamy Thai Vercelli Nest, and tasty Lamb Chops. There is a special Gastronomique menu, serving the best of the best, including Grey Earl Spheres, Wasabi Cream, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Pork Belly, Corn Salsa, and a conclusion with Creme Brulee and Sorbet. Do not miss tasting the wide range of white wine, red wine, champagne, and chardonnay.
Address - 103 Club Ave, Waterkloof Heights, Pretoria, 0065, South Africa

12. Skyline rooftop Restaurant and Bar

Skyline Rooftop Restaurant & Bar
Skyline Rooftop Restaurant & Bar
If you are near Loftus Park and trying to find out a romantic spot to spend time with your partner, then jump into Skyline Rooftop Restaurant, located on the fifth floor of Protea Hotel. There is an outdoor pool to relax with the Pretoria night sky, live DJs on Friday and Saturday nights, and an amazing drink collection to savour the journey. The view of the city lights merging into the horizon and a bite of the tastiest pizza will be worth the time.

Initiate the journey with some Greek Salad or Avocado Salad. If you are a pizza lover, try the spicy Mexican pizza, Margarita V, or the classic Mozzarella, Artichoke, and Olive Pizza. Skyline Rooftop provides an infinite number of snack choices like BBQ chicken wings, hot chicken wings, or soft shell tacos. Any seafood lover can thoroughly enjoy fish and chips or stick to a large Seafood basket and chips.  
Address - 5th Floor, Protea Hotel by Marriott Loftus Park, 416 Kirkness St, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083

13. La Terrasse Rooftop Cafe and Deli

La Terrasse Rooftop Cafe and Deli, Pretoria
La Terrasse Rooftop Cafe and Deli

Get soaked up in the Moroccan vibe at La Terrasse Rooftop Cafe, founded by Joehan and Louise Erasmus. The colourfully decorated rooftop cafe takes you away from the city hustle and is perfect for enjoying the evening under fairy lights and a clear night sky. You will get a traditional fusion of exquisite Moroccan flavours in the form of pastries, brunch, dinner, tagines, platters and vegetarian options as well. If you are searching for tea in Pretoria, this cafe will serve you the best with some aromatic tea and coffee options.

There is Moka Pot Cappuccino, Arabic Coffee, Earl grey tea, and spicy berry fragrant tea for hot beverage lovers.  For a quick snack in the evening, try Moroccan biscuits, such as Almond balls, Ghoriba with cinnamon, ghoriba with hazelnuts, and a lot more. If you want to have something heavy, try the carrot and garlic spread, chickpea and garlic dip, and the phyllo pockets with herb cream cheese.
Address - 435 Atterbury Road, Menlo Park, Pretoria East

14. Pltfrm 

Surrounded by the flora and a peaceful ambience, engage in a premium dining experience here at Pltfrm. The vast open space at Pltfrm urges its customers to mingle with the environment. The menu is inspired by seasons and regions, and so are the flavours and textures of individual dishes. You can also enjoy a cool event organized by Pltfrm, like Bottomless Bubbly, Wine Tastings, and Sunset sessions, adding to your moments.

You can start with smoked salmon trout and avo salad tossed with cherry tomatoes and lettuce. There is a wide list of sushi, burger, and pizza. There is chicken mayonnaise pizza, salami pizza, Hawaiian pizza, and much more. Try the Beef Trinchado, Chicken Breats, or the Schnitzel if you want something heavy. End the treat with cheesecake, waffles, and cheese board. There is a wide selection of cocktails, red wine, white wine, and spirits.
Address - 501 Jochemus St, Erasmuskloof, Pretoria

15. Pride of India Restaurant

You can find a little India in the heart of Pretoria at the Pride of India Restaurant here. The restaurant specializes in Indian cuisine, seafood, halaal and vegetarian dishes. The warm cosy ambience gives you the feel of having dinner in India only. 

You can start with the shah Jahan Veg Platter or the delicious Mogul Platter. There is spicy mango and fig salad, spicy chicken and chickpea salad, and the famous Pride of India salad tossed in exceptional flavours. Enjoy the famous Gourmet Punjabi Potato Samosa or the Gilafi Sheekh Kebab. The unmissable are the hand-crafted signature dishes like Ghost Mirch Signature, Crab Curry, Lamb Shank, and many others.
 Address - 103 Club Ave, Waterkloof Heights, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa
Spend a romantic weekend in Pretoria while discovering this land's flavour, spices, and cuisine!

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