13 Hiking Trails in Pretoria for a Fun Expedition

Do you want to be in the lap of nature and experience its beauty? Then go hiking in Pretoria. The beautiful city of Pretoria stretched from Apies River to the western foothills of Magaliesberg and was founded in 1855. A handful of nature reserves are situated along the length of the city, providing some of the best hiking trails in the world. The hiking expedition will be worth it, from experiencing fantastic flora and fauna to capturing the best panoramic view at the top of the trail. Most hiking trails have fixed timings and entry points to start from and fixed entrance fees. Do not miss exploring the famous Voortrekker Monument Trail or the peaceful Wolwespruit Trail in Pretoria!

Best Time to Visit Pretoria for Hiking

South Africa experiences extreme heat during the summer. So if you are planning to visit Pretoria for hiking, avoid the summer months altogether to protect yourself from the heat. The best time to visit Pretoria in South Africa is during the Autumn season, which starts in March and continues upto May. During this time, the weather is favorable for physical activities like hiking in Pretoria.

Best Hiking Trails in Pretoria

1. Moreleta Kloof Trail

Moreleta Kloof Trail
Located in the foothills of Moreleta Kloof of Pretoria, the Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve is home to multiple trial routes called loop trails. If you want to choose a short hiking trail, go for the Rademeyer hiking trail, which is just 1.6 KM long. Apart from that, there is the Duiker hiking trail with a 3.3 KM trail length and the Suikerbos Hiking Trail with a 2.9 KM trail length. Start right from the reserve's entrance, and mid-way you will get signs and directions to the respective trails. There are water ponds and peaceful resting grounds to take a break. This reserve is home to zebras, bushbuck, springbuck, tortoise, and ostrich. It offers a perfect spot for bird watching and has the tributary or Moreleta Spruit flowing in between. Since these are all loop trails, you will reach your car parking area directly at the end. There's also a restaurant in the nature reserve called the Rademeyers to chill at the end.
Helios St, Moreletapark, Pretoria, 0044, South Africa
Wednesday to Friday – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

2. Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Groenkloof Nature Reserve
The 600-ha Groenkloof Nature Reserve is located in the heart of Pretoria and was the first game sanctuary in Africa. The birth years of this reserve go back to 1895, and the Department of Nature Conservation now manages it. This reserve has two separate entrances, one at the Fountain Valley and the other 800 Metres from the Fountain Valley. The reserve has four vivid trails.
Red Trail -  It starts from the left side of the entrance and is a 5 KM loop trail that takes around 1 hour to complete. This trail is perfect for biking and hiking. The difficulty level is easy, and this trail finally connects you with the yellow trail.
Yellow Trail - the Groenkloof Yellow trail is somewhat complicated compared to the others. This is 10.5 KM long and has an excellent elevation for hikers. On your way up, you can also see zebras, bucks, and dozens of birds waving at you throughout. After a little climb, you can see the Voortrekker Monument. Reaching almost 8 KM by the end of this trail, you can join back to the yellow trail to walk through an alternative road of 1.3 KM. Or you can also join the Red trail from here.
White Trail - The white Trail is easy for beginners and just 3.7 KM long. The journey starts from the exact location as that of the Red Trail. It will take an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the path. Enjoy the skyline and also the solitude throughout the route.
Christina De Wit Ave, Road, Pretoria, 0027, South Africa
Daily - 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Entry fee
Adult - R 51
Children (7 17 years) - R 32
Infants (0 to 2 years) – Free

3. Faerie Glen Nature Reserve

Faeire Glen Nature Reserve
The famous Faerie Glen Nature Reserve first belonged to H. Struben and used to be a part of the Hartbeespoort. Travelers can notice Gold Reef Mountain Bushveld and Marikana Thornveld vegetation types in this valet. This is a fun spot for all kinds of hikers to try their skill sets in the three main hiking trails: the Hadeda Trail, Acacia Trail, and the Kepersol Trail; these are loop trails. Hadeda Trail is 2.3 KM and is easy to hike, Acacia Trail is 3.2 KMS and is moderate to hike, and Kiepersol is 2 KMS and challenging to hike. Your hiking journey starts with a steep climb, narrow bridges crossing the Moreleta Spruit, and moving further uphill. There are many breakpoints throughout the journey where you can sit on the wooden benches and rest. If you keep moving upward, you can see multiple splits of new and unexplored trails and get a sign as 'lookout point, which is the hill's highest point. The best view of the sky is from here. On the hike, you can also see plenty of wildflowers, picnic spots, and roaming zebras. This is a dog-friendly area; you can bring your dog on a leash for hiking with you on a special valid permit.
January Masilela Dr, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, 0040, South Africa
Entry Fee
Adults – R 17
Pensioners – R 7
Children (7-12 years) – R 7

4. Wolwespruit Trail

This hiking trail is located in the Erasmuskloof area in Pretoria and first started as a motorcycle trial. It now has three hiking trials, fit for both advance and beginners. While hiking, you can notice a lot of mountain bike trails, mostly flooded with bikers. Once you enter the park and buy the pass, follow the trail signs to reach your destination. The trail path is covered with wildflowers in all colors and has occasional resting areas. Hikers can choose from three options - the Running Wolf Purple trail, which is 4.5 KMS long and leads you through the forest; the Mountain Wolf Orange trail, which is 6.5 KM long and is steeper than the other two; and the Combine trail path, which is almost 10 KMS long and starts from the purple trail and ends with the orange one. Once your trial is over, you can enjoy a quick snack at the adjacent Pltfrm Restaurant.
501 Jochemus St, Erasmuskloof, Pretoria, 0048, South Africa
Weekdays – 5:30 to 6:30 PM (they have a night ride available every Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
Weekends – 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Fee Trail/ Hiking pass - R35

5. Wonderboom Hiking Trail

Wonderboom Hiking Trail
This hiking trail is located inside the Wonderboom Nature Reserve in Tshwane and has derived its name from the gigantic exhibition of the wild fig tree called Wonderboom, aging more than a thousand years. This reserve has several hiking trails around the famous fig, the Wonderboom, and the waterfall trail inside the reserve. You can start your trail and follow the signs after that. The fort trail from the entrance is roughly 2.8 KMS long, the waterfall and cave trail is 0.5 KMS long, and the Fort to Waterfall trail is another 1 KMS long. History lovers will be fascinated to explore the ruins of the Iron age and Stone age archaeological sites.
1 Lavender Rd, Annlin West, Pretoria, 0182, South Africa
Summer (September – April) 07h00 – 18h00
Winter (May-August) 07h00 – 18h00
(Entrance to the nature reserve will only be allowed until 1 hour before closing time).

6. Made on Earth Hiking Trail

Made on Earth Trail
The Hiking Trail is a beautiful amalgamation of nature's beauties, like rocky slopes, woodlands, wildflowers, and uncountable species of birds. Generally considered more appropriate for moderate to advanced hikers, this challenging route consists of three marked trails; combining all would take almost 3 hours a day. Based on your fitness, you can also hike only one trail at a time, which will not require more than an hour. You can see the glittering Schurweberg mountains in the Hennops area and enjoy this trail with your pets as long as they are on a leash. Remember, there are no resting lawns mid-way.
Hennops River Valley, 86 Schurweberg Rd, Vlakplaats 354-Jr, Pretoria, 0023, South Africa

7. Pretoria National Botanical Gardens

Pretoria National Botanical Gardens
Quite different from most of the hiking trails in Pretoria, walking kilometers in the National Botanical Garden will be a memorable experience. Spread across 76 ha, this hiking trail moves around dense natural vegetation consisting of diverse flora and fauna. Three trails of 2 KMS, 5 KMS, and 10 KMS, respectively.  The shortest trail would require almost 40 minutes to cover it. Keep your binoculars handy to witness innumerable birds wandering around. Visitors can also witness savanna and forest biomes from the trail inside this garden area. Food and beverage facilities are also available.
2 Cussonia Street, Brummeria, Pretoria

8. Voortrekker Monument Trail

Voortrekker Monument Trail
The Voortrekker Monument, built in 1938, is one of the most well-known monuments in Pretoria. This monument is a 40 meters high granite structure and is now explored by hikers to reach the monument on foot. Hiking in this region started in 2020. There are three hiking trails of distances 3 KMS, 5 KMS, and 8 KMS. once you choose your path, start hiking the steep distance witnessing varieties of shrubs and herbs on each side. If you are lucky, you can also walk past zebras and antelopes. Up above the trail, there is the Schanskop Fort. Hikers should book the hiking adventure ahead for this trail. Other outdoor activities like archery tag, target archery, and quad bike safari trail are also available.
Eeufees Rd, Groenkloof 358-Jr, Pretoria, 0027, South Africa

9. Buffelsdrift Trail Park

Buffelsdrift Trail Park
Located just 15 KMS from the city of Pretoria, the Buffelsdrift Trail Park was established by Henry and Thwanette Scott in 2014. It has more than a hundred biking trails for enthusiast bikers and has five running trails of distances 5 KMS, 7 KMS, 10 KMS, 115 KMS, and 21 KMS. All these trails are named Fast Five, Supa 7, Time Trail, Fit 15, and Tough 21, respectively. The diversity of flora and fauna on your way through the hiking is incomparable. You can see zebra, impala, and kudu marching around. A close watch will also help you see the woodpeckers and crimson-breasted shrikes. All of these running tracks are an amalgamation of singletrack and farm roads. Hikers can also bring their leashed dogs to this pet-friendly hiking trail.
Plot 52, Buffelsdrift Conservancy, Buffelsdrift St, Pretoria, 0130, South Africa

10. Tswaing Meteorite Crater Hiking

Tswaing Meteorite Crater
History says that almost 220000 years ago, a gigantic football field-sized meteorite hit the earth and formed this crater of 1.4 km and 200 m depth. Formerly this was known as the Pretoria  Saltpan, which is now located inside the 1946-hectare conservation area in Gauteng. Hikers can visit the crater zone by hiking the 7.2 KMS long trail. The trail starts northbound, a path full of sand and rock. After a few KMS, you will reach the crater impact area, and moving uphill, you can find the crater floor. This is a favorable spot for a picnic, and hikers can also explore the ox-wagon roads, salt mining factory, and museum. This place is home to more than 200 varieties of birds and 50+ species of trees and has plenty of Kudu, Impala, Zebra, and vervet monkeys.

11. Dassie Trail

Located in the Nahoon Estuary Nature Reserve, the Dassie Trail is a perfect hiking trail for all beginners. The journey starts from the northern entrance and navigates through the western side of the Silent Pool. The path slowly moves uphill to help you reach the Dassie Trail Lookout Spur, offering the best overview of the entire reserve at once. If you are an ardent admirer of birds, you can find more than 200 species here. You can also get to see zebras, black wildebeest, blesbok, springbok and red hartebeest as well.

12. Magalies Mountain Trail

Magalies Mountain Trail
Venture the greenery of Pretoria on your hike to the Magalies Mountain Trail. The trial is around 8 KMS and starts at Shelter Rock Base Camp. The path takes a turn on the southern slope and moves uphill to reach the top of the mountains. For beginners, the trail can be a bit challenging due to the rocky nature of the path. On the way towards the top, you can witness the famous Boer war fronts and get a clear view of the city. A 1000-year-old olive tree and an exclusive sandstone rock garden are on the way. 

13. Hennops Trail

Located in the heart of Gauteng, the Hennops hiking trail is one of the most visited trails by local hikers throughout the year. You can explore the Hennops trails through three trail paths: the Dassie Trail, covering a distance of 2 KMS; the Zebra trail covering a distance of 5 KMS; and the Krokodilberg trail covering a distance of 10 KMS. While hiking through the path, you can cross two rivers, historical sites, and underground caves. The flora of this region adds further beauty to the adjacent gorges and the river.
R511, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa
Weekend – 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM
R100/adult , R50/schoolchildren

Tips and Must-Haves for Hiking Expedition

  • Enough sunscreen to protect you from prolonged sunrays.
  • Good walking shoes.
  • Sunglass and enough water to complete the journey comfortably
  • Binoculars to watch and explore the nature around.
  • A handful of chocolates, energy bars, and tanks for the trip
  • Torch and flashlights for emergencies
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Always carry the route map of your hiking adventure to avoid getting lost.
  • Bring your camping chairs if you need any.
  • Always carry your ID card for safety purposes.
  • Save the emergency numbers before you start hiking.

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