Best Time To Visit Ponmudi

What is the best time to visit Ponmudi?

The winter season from November to March is the ideal time to take a trip to Ponmudi. The whole place looks mesmerisingly beautiful enveloped in mist. The lush green trees, variegated hills, shimmering Kallar River and the glistening waterfalls will present before you a picture perfect view that will make you feel as if you are in heaven. During this period you can not only witness the place in its full glory but also indulge in enjoying the various activities that this place has to offer. From mountain climbing, paragliding to trekking and rafting, you name it, and this place has it all. It is a destination that will satiate your adventurous soul.

Weather in Ponmudi


Upcoming Ponmudi Weather

Monthly Weather in Ponmudi

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 28°/ 17° 3 days
February 29°/ 17° 2 days
March 30°/ 18° 14 days
April 30°/ 19° 21 days
May 30°/ 20° 25 days
June 26°/ 20° 22 days
July 25°/ 19° 22 days
August 23°/ 18° 27 days
September 25°/ 18° 26 days
October 25°/ 18° 28 days
November 26°/ 18° 25 days
December 26°/ 18° 13 days

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Ponmudi in Summer (March - May)

The summer season in Ponmudi begins from March and continues till May. The temperature goes as high as 35°C making it a less favourable time to visit here. However, Ponmudi looks mesmerising in summer with its lush green trees, enchanting waterfalls and majestic hills. The heat during the afternoon might become a bit unbearable to explore but the mornings and evenings are simply perfect to trek in the wilderness. Trekking will give you an opportunity to explore the myriad variety of flora and fauna. Ponmudi turns out to be a picnic spot during summers, for the locals or those looking forward to a weekend getaway.
Ponmudi Hills
Ponmudi Hills

Ponmudi in Monsoon (June - September)

With an average rainfall happening twice a year, Ponmudi's monsoon season occurs from June to August and October to November. The weather is delightful, ideal to make a trip to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Also, a favourable time for a romantic getaway; but otherwise, this isn't a perfect time to visit as you might not be able to indulge in adventure sports or spot animals. However, it's an ideal spot for a weekend getaway.
Ponmudi Hill Station
Ponmudi Hill Station

Ponmudi in Winter (December - March)

The Winter months between December and February is a perfect time to make a trip to Ponmudi as the hill station looks spellbinding with the shimmering waterfalls and variegated hills on the backdrop. The air is crisp and chill enhancing the beauty of the place. Spotting wild flora and fauna is an experience that mustn't be missed.

Not to stop at that, Ponmudi offers a large and thrilling number of activities to make your trip even more fun and add a bit of adventure in it. The winter season proves to be a great time to indulge in activities like rafting, swimming, trekking, rock climbing. But the activity that you must indulge in is paragliding. Paragliding will give you the opportunity to witness the spectacular bird’s eye view of the whole place. The mist covering Ponmudi makes it look magical, and the picture perfect views is a treat to your eyes. You can even take a lazy stroll around Ponmudi to explore and be close to nature.
Ponmudi Kerala
Ponmudi Kerala

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