What is the best time to visit Thenmala?

Nestled in the beautiful district of Kollam in Kerala, Thenmala is best explored when the skies are clear and the weather is pleasant. Owing to its geographical location on the south-west coast of India, the region explicitly experiences a tropical climate; therefore, the atmosphere is mostly humid. Hence, the Winter and Spring season i.e, December to February is an ideal time to visit Thenmala. This portion of kerala experiences torrential downpours and scorching summers, hence peak monsoons and summers are highly not recommended to tourists. The rest of the year, the region experiences pleasant weather with a temperature that ranges between 17 degree celcius and 32 degree celcius, allowing tourists to explore this scenic landscape.

Weather in Thenmala


Upcoming Thenmala Weather

Monthly Weather in Thenmala

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 33°/ 21° 2 days
February 34°/ 22° 1 days
March 36°/ 22° 11 days
April 36°/ 23° 20 days
May 34°/ 24° 23 days
June 31°/ 23° 24 days
July 29°/ 23° 24 days
August 27°/ 22° 28 days
September 29°/ 22° 28 days
October 30°/ 22° 29 days
November 32°/ 22° 24 days
December 31°/ 22° 10 days

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