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What is the best time to visit Kutralam?

The summer season in the town brings with it hot and dry weather resulting in the drying up of all the waterfalls. Thus, traveling to Kutrallam during summers is not at all worthy. However, monsoon season once again gets back the town in its full glory and beauty. Winter season see a dip in mercury with a delightful weather. The light drizzle and gentle breeze during monsoon refreshes the whole town, and so does your senses. Hence, monsoon and winter seasons are recommended as an ideal time to explore the town. Kutralam is famous for its low prices as well - you can easily manage to visit all sites and stay in a comfortable resort at low rates.

Weather in Kutralam


Upcoming Kutralam Weather

Monthly Weather in Kutralam

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 31°/ 21° 5 days
February 33°/ 21° 4 days
March 35°/ 23° 9 days
April 35°/ 24° 21 days
May 36°/ 25° 23 days
June 33°/ 24° 18 days
July 31°/ 24° 13 days
August 29°/ 23° 23 days
September 31°/ 23° 26 days
October 30°/ 22° 27 days
November 31°/ 22° 29 days
December 29°/ 22° 18 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Kutralam

Kutralam (Courtallam) in Summer (March - May)

The harsh sun spares no one in summer, with temperatures soaring to a sweltering 40°C in Kutralam in the months between March and May. The ‘Agni Natchathiram’ phenomenon of April sends mercury rising, and humidity is minimal. The waters of Courtallam dry up during this time, as most waterfalls are seasonal. The mounting heat makes it difficult for tourists to explore the area, and there is not much to see. If you want to see the waterfalls, summer is not a recommended time. Do not let this deter you – culture enthusiasts are in for a treat in summer at Kutralam because the many temples dotting the area celebrate many festivals during this time to beat the heat. The Thiru Kutralanathar temple near the falls is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva.
View of Falls from Thalavai House
View of Falls from Thalavai House

In April and May, a ten-day festival is celebrated with pomp by the locals, which is a treat for the eyes and soul. The entire town comes alive with festivities and joy, and the special prayers offered to the deity soothe the soul. Other temples like the Kumaran Kovil, the Thirumalai Kovil and the Kasiviswanathan Kovil also have special prayers offered in summer. This makes summer the best off-season time to visit Kutralam if you’re curious about the eclectic culture of the locals. If you’re keen on trying out the luxury resorts, spas and herbal health centres nearby, you’re in luck – summer is the off-season time, which means that prices are lower as well.

Kutralam (Courtallam) in Monsoon (June - September)

The monsoon brings with it a welcome decrease in the heat as the temperature drops between 25°C and 32°C. Isolated showers and light drizzles replenish all the dried river beds, sending the water gushing down in cascades. With average precipitation rates of 60%, the weather is a delight for tourists as the cold water flows down the many falls. While June marks the beginning of the tourist season, occasional warnings may be issued by local authorities – the falls may be deemed off-limits due to indications of flash floods. Kutralam is composed of a series of waterfalls – the Main Falls, Five Falls, Sitraruvi falls, Thenaruvi falls and Shenbagadevi. While the Main Falls and Thirukutralanaadhar Falls are located nearby and are easy to access by vehicle, you have to hike to the other falls.
Courtallam Five Falls
Courtallam Five Falls

A short and easy hike to Five Falls is worth it – the river breaks against five rocks to cascade down in five separate streams, which is stunning to watch. The Sitraruvi and Thenaruvi falls are located a two-hour hike away. Thenaruvi, literally translating to ‘Honey Falls’, is said to have sweet-tasting pure water, so don’t miss this! The Main Falls area is crowded in the monsoon as tourists throng this magnificent locale, which may not sound appealing to couples on a honeymoon. This is the best time for families to visit Kutralam. Couples looking to spend quality time together can opt to hike to the other falls, which are considerably less crowded. You can still expect isolated showers during this time, so do not forget to take an umbrella. Sometimes, flash flood warnings may be issued, and swimming may be prohibited in the falls, so follow up with local authorities before you plan your visit.

Kutralam (Courtallam) in Winter (Novemver - February)

Winter is the best time to visit Kutralam falls, as the weather conditions are perfect for tourists. The falls are fully replenished and rejuvenated, and there is less chance of rainfall as well. This makes it a favoured tourist hotspot in winter. The months of October, November and December are the best time for couples to visit the area as there are not many tourists, and the hikes to nearby falls are especially romantic. As temperatures drop to an average 25°C, light up a campfire and snuggle with your loved ones as you overlook the charming waterfalls.
Kutralam Falls
Kutralam Falls

In October, the Navarathri festival is celebrated by the locals – the temples set up intricate stands of deities and dolls, which make for exciting photo-ops. Learn about the local culture and traditions as you take part in the celebrations. November brings with it Diwali, one of the most popular festivals in India. The local carnival and fairs during this time are a must-visit. The North-East monsoon, which strikes till December, may bring occasional rainfall to Kutralam but the showers are mostly isolated. The spas and Ayurvedic resorts nearby offer special rejuvenation packs, which you can look into as well. In January, the Pongal festivities are fully underway throughout the town – do not miss this harvest festival in the heart of Tamilnadu. Munch on sugarcane and the local delicacy of ‘Pongal’, and take part in the joy and merriment. This is the best time for couples and solo travellers to visit Kutralam.

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