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What is the best time to visit Pauri Garhwal?

Pauri Garhwal experiences pleasant weather throughout the year. The summers are warm but very enjoyable and require light woollens or cotton. The winter season is quite freezing with snowfall and offers a beautiful sight for travellers. Heavy woollens are recommended for the season. The monsoon season calls for heavy rain falls and thus landslides, only becoming more inconvenient, due to poor road conditions.

Weather in Pauri Garhwal


Upcoming Pauri Garhwal Weather

Monthly Weather in Pauri Garhwal

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 15°/ 6° 11 days
February 18°/ 8° 4 days
March 21°/ 11° 9 days
April 27°/ 15° 4 days
May 33°/ 18° 0 days
June 33°/ 21° 8 days
July 27°/ 21° 30 days
August 26°/ 20° 27 days
September 26°/ 19° 25 days
October 25°/ 15° 2 days
November 23°/ 13° 1 days
December 17°/ 7° 2 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Pauri Garhwal

Pauri Garhwal in Summer (April - June)

This is a good time to visit the hill station. The temperature is very pleasant during this time ranging from 29 to 45 degrees Celcius.

Pauri Garhwal in Monsoon (July - September)

Moderate rainfall during can affect your plans during this time. Not an ideal time to visit Pauri.

Pauri Garhwal in Winter (November - March)

Snowfall throughout the winters attracts a large number of tourists. The early winter months is also a good time to visit Pauri.

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