What is the best time to visit Noida?

Since Noida falls in the northern parts of the country in the NCR, the climate gets extreme in summers and winters. The best time to visit is late October to Early March. December and January are the cold months when temperature records drastic fall.

Weather in Noida


Upcoming Noida Weather

Monthly Weather in Noida

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 9 21
February 12 25
March 16 30
April 24 39
May 27 40
June 28 39
July 28 34
August 27 34
September 26 35
October 22 34
November 14 29
December 10 24

Noida in Winter (October - March)

The months of October-November and February-march are ideal for visiting Noida. If you plan to be in Noida around December-January, do carry warm woollens and clothes.

Noida in Monsoon (July - September)

After the scorching days and sultry summer afternoons, monsoon showers are a welcoming season in the city. The cool breeze along with lowered temperatures make monsoon the second best season to visit the city.

Noida in Summer (April - June)

The summer months of April-May-June record a drastic increase in the mercury levels. The temperature can soar up to 48 degrees Celcius with hot winds and loo.

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