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Vaishali Patil

2 years ago
Yesterday had a meal at Shivsagar's Fern Restaurant Bosco Center off Gangapur Road Nashik and order for a simple rice preparations and roti. As expected and to be called as fine dine outlet and it wa (Read More)s a fooling around to the people with the food preparations, first of all it took long time to serve the simple food as the entire restaurant was empty and there manager were eating food and chating with the staff, as the order were Dal khichada, Thai garlic coconut rice and a roti, the serving for 2 people and it comes first Dal khichada and till the time you had finished this dish of its 1/4 then the other dish has arrived and when we had finished the half of it we remind the server that we had ordered a roti as well then it has come to us, the water glass were dirty, we had to asked for a change and when it was changed the other one was with the dirty water in it with fine particals floating in the water. The other dish was Thai dish and served with Chinese sauces, the preparation was wrong it contains the coconut milk and the fresh grated coconut were they had used dry coconut and the dish supposed to have a accompaniment of green curry of small bowl which was missing out, I would like to say that this people are fooling around there guest and giving them improper food to eat. If at all they don?t know what to serve or what to cook then they should remove the items or dishes from the menu rather providing the wrong feed to the guest. Over there they had placed the table mat over it has mentioned cannelloni florentine and it was complete in white colour so from that also we can say that this people are really fooling with the guest and cheating with them on the food perparations.. And if at all the entire restaurant is empty then the service has to be fast for the basic food and it was a delayed where it?s a really problems and I can see the complete staff then also it was not happening then it?s a management faults not the organisation. The upper management has to take care otherwise they will loose the clients soon and will be go off so really has to pull up there shoes management and ask for the reasons for all this to the culprits, I can share the invoice copy as picture for the reference. This kind of joints only makes the city in the lowest nashikites its a humble request do visit this restaurant and feel the unfairness of food productions and how we can be proud. Regards Sanjay Patil

Dnyanesh Chopade

4 years ago
A very good and informative, unique and one of its own kind place, one must visit is "Museum Kohum". It is situated at ABB Circle, Mahatmanagar, Triambak Road, Nashik. It gives you a lifetime experie (Read More)nce about your own existence from birth to death from scientific and spiritual perspective. It shows various concepts through the beautiful models in three major parts- Life before you are born; The Language of your life and the Magic that you are inside. You should not miss the opportunity of seeing this wonderful creation, f you are in or around Nashik... it is open on all working days between 10 AM to 6 PM

Sagarraje Nimbalkar

on Trimbakeshwar 3 years ago
Nice article on Trimbakeshwar. "Link Hidden"

Ashwin Gattani

4 years ago
A good place to visit with ghats and cloudy whether!! Too much of business than actual religious activities. Sita Gufa, Panchvati are just simple godly places to visit but not too much to be expected (Read More) for!!!

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Q. What are worth-visit places near to Nasik road and how to reach there in 1/2 day schedule.

Alok Sharma

4 years ago
Nasik Road is a Suburb of Nasik. It is famous for Army Aviation Base, Airforce Station, Devlali Cantonment, India Security Press, Currency Note Press, Eklahra Thermal Power Station to name a few. T (Read More)here is nothing much significant to see in Nasik Road other than Muktidham. Apart from that, you can visit Temple Hill in Devlali Cantonment area and then walk around in Devlali streets. But before that, you can visit Devi Mandir halfway to Baghur from Devlali. From there, you can optionally visit Devlali Railway Station. Avoid shopping in Devlali since items are relatively costlier but do visit Bharat Cold Drink House to quench your thirst or enjoy the tasty food. Whilst travelling to Devlali via the Lam Road, you will be able to see the Heritage Parsi homes and colonies on either side of the road, no doubt, Devlali Cantonment in itself is mostly heritage. You can easily cover all these places in one day. The best time to visit Devlali is in the evening. Mind you, don't even think of doing photography in the Cantonment restricted or prohibited area. Look out for the warnings and sign boards. The other day, you can visit Gargoti museum in Sinnar, about 30 km from Nasik Road.
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Q. How to reach trambeheshwar, Ajmeri,Panchavati, pandavleni and other tourist places from Nasik road railway station

Alok Sharma

4 years ago
You can tour the respective places using the state run transport buses or a taxi. I would recommend hiring a taxi which will cover all the places.
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Q. Is there any tour from Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur and Nasik?


4 years ago
You can get a custom package that can help you make a tour from Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur and Nasik according to your feasibility. Fill the form in the following link to get your Customised Tour Pac (Read More)kage -
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