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Chor Bazaar, Mumbai Overview

Chor Bazaar is one of the largest markets and one of the famous attractions in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Also known as the biggest flea market in the country, Chor Bazaar has a legend associated with it. People say if one loses anything in the city, they can buy it back at this Bazaar. The sellers mostly deal second-hand goods, but yes, there would be some items that have been stolen. It is a bustling marketplace with shops and kiosks installed very close to one another on narrow lanes.

The Chor Bazaar in Mumbai is believed to be a 150-year-old souk in the city. Some say, back in the time, during the British rule, this market was called, 'Shor Bazaar' which means a noisy market because every day, the vendors would put up their kiosks and call out customers as loud as possible to make sales. Another tale states that Queen Victoria’s belongings were stolen and found at the market once. Getting around Mumbai could require some amount of patience and exploring the Chor Bazaar, a lot of awareness and vigilance, but once there, it is a different world in itself. A shopper’s paradise, so to speak. This is the right places for those wanting to go shopping on a small budget and do not care much about the place it was bought from.

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What to Buy

The Mumbai Chor Bazaar has shops that sell anything and everything one can hope to buy. From branded clothes & shoes, accessories, furniture, electronic gadgets, home décor items etc. Antiques, in particular, are quite a crowd puller. There are sculptures, watches, clocks, show pieces, antique furniture etc. made in wood and metal and found in plenty here. Some of these artefacts are even rented out for movie and advertisement shootings. Another interesting aspect of Chor Bazaar consists of the automobile shops where people can find cars, bikes, scooters, vans etc. Old engines, spare parts, tyres etc. can be sold and bought at the market at affordable rates. There is also a junkyard where these parts are kept and buyers can explore the area if they are looking for something specific.

Things to remember

  • Visitors are advised to take care of their belongings because there is no dearth of pickpockets at the bazaar. Wallets kept in the back pocket often get stolen.  
  • There is no parking space in the market. Vehicles can, however, be parked some distance away from the bazaar.
  • Dressing conservatively and practically is recommended. Avoid wearing jewellery, revealing or short clothes and uncomfortable footwear. The area where the market is located in is a conservative Muslim area, so clothing must be managed accordingly.
  • It is always recommended to explore the market in a group.
  • People wanting to buy stuff from Chor Bazaar must really reserve a few hours or an entire day to browse and search through the items on sale. This is the only way to get what they want.
  • Knowing the real price of the desired item would help buyers compare and strike a good bargain. Bargaining is a must.
  • Not all items bought at Chor Bazaar are made to last. Most electronics will give up in a few months or a year.
  • When travelling, try to pick up items that are easy to carry. Asking the vendors to ship heavy artefacts is not recommended as it might never be shipped. In certain cases, tourists may choose to buy the item and ship it themselves to their desired location.

How To Reach Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

Chor Bazaar is located at Mohammed Ali Rd, Pydhonie in Mumbai. Tourists can reach the attraction by roadways but Mumbai Roadways are infamous for heavy traffic. So, the best way is to take a local train. The nearest railway station to Chor Bazaar is the Mumbai Central Railway Station which is located only 2.8 kilometres away from the market. From there, one can take a bus ride or a rickshaw ride. The route to reach the bazaar goes via Dr. Anand Rao Nair Road and Patthe Bapurao Marg.

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