12 Places to visit in Nagaland | Tourist places in Nagaland

Top tourist places to visit in Nagaland

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Places to visit in Nagaland:

1. Kohima

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Places To Visit in Nagaland

A combination of natural and ethnic beauty, and still ruled by the warriors of the Naga tribe, Kohima is a peaceful town with laid back people.

2. Mokokchung

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Places To Visit in Nagaland

The most significant urban hub in all of Nagaland after Dimapur and Kohima and the home of Ao Naga.

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3. Dimapur

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Places To Visit in Nagaland

Known to be the largest and fastest growing city of Nagaland, most of the travellers come to this city as transit because of the airport situated in the city.

4. Phek

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Places To Visit in Nagaland

Phek is a hilly area rich in flora and fauna. Apart from the spell bounding hills, Shilloi lake is an important attraction.

5. Tuensang

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Places To Visit in Nagaland

Tuensang is the headquarters of the Tuensang district, the easternmost and the largest district of Nagaland, and is flanked by Myanmar on its right side.

6. Mon

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Places To Visit in Nagaland

Home of the Konyaks nagas, Mon provides tourists with a unique and quite mesmerizing view of tattooed faces wearing feathers.

7. Dzukou Valley and Japfu Peak

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places to visit in Nagaland

Located some 25 km south of Kohima, Dzukou valley and Japfu Peak offer one of the most breath taking landscapes of the continent. Nagaland is called the 'Switzerland of the East' and Dzukou valley and Japfu Peak provide solid proof to that moniker. Dzukou valley and Japfu Peak trek, is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing treks you can find in the country and an absolute must for all trekking enthusiasts.

8. Touphema Village

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places to visit in Nagaland

On a green and verdant hillock, lies the township called Touphema Village. Built by the local community in partnership with the Tourism Department of Nagaland, Touphema Village is a collection of small huts built and decorated in traditional Naga design sensibilities. The village intends on giving the tourists the feel of living in a Naga tribal house.

9. Khonoma Village

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places to visit in Nagaland

A town belonging to the 'Angami Naga' ethnic group of Nagaland, Khonoma Village is a one-of-its-kind project in the country. Located about 20 km from the state capital of Kohima, Khonoma village is a Green Village, where all forms of hunting have been abolished for a more sustainable ecosystem. It is testament to the will power of the tribal groups of Nagaland to protect and conserve their natural habitat. The resident Naga tribes here are traditionally dependent on nature for their food and have strong hunting practices. However, they have given up on their centuries old heritage for a more sustainable way of life with nature.

10. Naga Heritage Village, Kisama

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places to visit in Nagaland

A village situated in the outskirts of Kohima, Naga Heritage Village in Kisama seeks to preserve and promote the culture and traditions of the Naga people. The name Kisama itself is an amalgamation of two Naga villages, namely, Kigwema (KI) and Phesama(SA) and MA (Village).

11. Shilloi Lake, Kohima

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places to visit in Nagaland

A beautiful foot shaped lake in the heart of the Patkai range of Nagaland, Shilloi Lake is a very picturesque destination with verdant valley surrounding it from all sides. The lake is considered very important by the folks of Latsum village as it is believed that the spirit of a holy child rests in the bottom of the lake. It is one of the reasons why no one fishes or uses the lake water for drinking and irrigation.

12. Hornbill Festival

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places to visit in Nagaland

Nagaland is known as the 'Land of Festivals' and one such grand carnival, organized by the State Tourism of Arts and Culture Department, Government of Nagaland is 'Hornbill festival'. Also known as ''Festival of Festivals", this is a commonly celebrated being a traditional cluster of all the seventeen Naga tribes, to promote intercultural harmony. It hardly has any featureless moments and provides a lifetime opportunity to know about ancient tribal lives through the exploration of the structure of tribal huts, which is dated back to primaeval lifestyles including other instruments like drums, gongs, costumes and wooden carvings. 

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