Best Time To Visit Mokokchung

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What is the best time to visit Mokokchung?

Located at the extreme eastern side of the subcontinent, Mokokchung has a temperature pattern characterised by the area. The monsoon experiences heavy rainfall, while other time of the year, the temperature range is moderate and pleasant. Winters and early summers might be your best pick to pay a visit to this beautiful place.

Weather in Mokokchung


Upcoming Mokokchung Weather

Monthly Weather in Mokokchung

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 9 26
February 12 27
March 15 27
April 20 28
May 22 30
June 24 31
July 24 30
August 24 33
September 24 31
October 21 31
November 16 28
December 12 26

Mokokchung in Summer (April-July)

Summers in Mokokchung are pleasant and comfortable and might be a fantastic time to drop down to this beautiful place. The weather range is moderate and won't create hassle during your trip. Also, the nights are pleasantly comfortable to take a stroll around this beautiful place if that is what is on your wish list.

The rains in the area are not that heavy but give the weather a nice change. It is though not advisable to visit this place during monsoon, as the rains can sometimes trigger landslides in the area, making the place unsafe for a visit during monsoons.

The winters in Mokokchung are pleasant and thus can be the best time of the year for you to visit the place. The temperature ranges from a moderate 15 to 25 degrees Celcius and the days are usually comfortable. The nights can be a bit chilly, but it will altogether be an amazing experience to visit Mokokchung this time of the year.

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Best Time to Visit


Best Time to Visit


Events in Mokokchung

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1st May, 2019 - 7th May 2019

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