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"Yadugiri of the Cauvery Valley"

Melukote Tourism

Situated just 51 Kms from Mysore, Melukote unravels the country’s age-old history. Adorned with countless temples, this town in Pandavapura Taluk of Mandya district in Karnataka is the pious place of Sri Vaishnava sect from 12th-century saint Ramanujacharya. The old documents and manuscripts that this city beholds make it more valuable and pleasing, depicting ancient India to the travellers.

The serenity of this four thousand years old town with its touch can feed the hungry souls, who are in search of the past glory. Peeping from the rocky, hilly areas of Yadugiri, Yadavagiri and Yadushailadeepa, Melkote is incomparable with its beauty and heritage spreading worldwide.

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More on Melukote

History of Melukote

Melkote earned its prominence from its ancient Sri Narayanaswami Temple, resting on the hillock of Yadugiri. During the 12th century, famous saint Sri Vaishnava settled in this region. From there on, this region played a dominant role for the Iyenger Brahmins of the Sri Vaishnava community who started settling in this region. The Mandyam community of Pandavapura Taluk was formed this way where no Deepavali is celebrated. Rather Deepabali holds significance as an occasion of mourning from 1790 when Tipu Sultan carried out the mass slaughtering in Mandya.

Architecture in Melukote

The temple surrounded old city has a touch of Dravidian style architecture. Be it the famous Cheluvanarayan Swamy Temple or Yoga Narasimha Temple, the tall triangular towers depicts figures with religious inscriptions everywhere. The gopuras or the gate house is one such dominant speciality of their architecture.


Knowing the local Kannada language of Melukote people will he helpful in the entire journey. It is always good to plan prior. The different tourist spots of Melukote, if planned properly can be visited all in just 2 days. Pack clothes according to the weather conditions. Always carry an umbrella because you never know when rain might hug you.


For a two day long trip in this land of temples, the journey will be exhilarating and interesting.
Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple on the gigantic Yadugiri hills is a must visit place.
Apart from that, there is Lakshminarayana Temple of 1250 C.E., built by Vira Someshwara, king of the Hoysala empire depicting the beauty of hoysala architecture.
Also there is famous Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple standing 1777 M above sea level and few others.
Not just temples, the natural setting of this place has its own enormity. The flora and fauna surrounding the region will make one feel the vibe of positivity around. The hundreds of species of butterflies, howling wolves in the protected sanctuaries like Melkote temple wildlife sanctuary.
A pleasant delight will be the Tonnur lake, as well.
Needless to mention is the Balmuri falls and Brindavan Gardens, situated a few KMS from Melkote.
Melkote, though a religiously profound destination, but there is more to this place. It is a place of serenity merged with divinity.

Strange facts

People of Melukote have not celebrated Diwali since last 200 years, as on 10th of November, 1790 which was also marked as Naraka Chaturdashi (Indian Calendar) more than 800 Mandyam Iyengars were brutally killed by Tipu Sultan. Thus, instead of celebrating the festival of light, they mourn the deaths of the Brahmins.


Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple: This is the most famous attraction of Melukote. Believed to be worshipped by Lord Rama and Lord Krishna and their many generations, Cheluva Narayana holds a special place in the heart of Hindu devotees throughout the country; it welcomes thousands of tourists and devotees annually.

Academy of Sanskrit Research: One must visit the Academy of Sanskrit Research when in Melukote, at least to witness the enormous collection of Sanskrit Vedas and manuscripts. Founded in the year 1977, it now houses over 11,000 manuscripts and 35,000 books.

Yoga Narasimha Temple: Dedicated to Lord Yoga Narasimha, this beautiful temple is built at the top of a hill. According to the legend, it is said that Yoga Narasimha temple was constructed by Prahlada in Melkote, which was then maintained by many generations.

Melukote Temple Wildlife Sanctuary: Founded in the year 1974, Melukote Temple Wildlife Sanctuary is known as a paradise for ornithologists, housing over 200 species of birds. Along with the birds, it is home to wolves, jungle cats, leopards, bonnet macaques, langurs and pangolins. Sanctuary also grew the vast number of Cycas circinalis, but it is observed to be decreasing.

Pushkarani Pond: A huge pond surrounded by temple complexes with a series of steps heading towards water and beautiful mandapas are built all over. This pond's beauty has attracted a large number of tourists and also seen in many films.

The Raya Gopura: Popular among history lovers, Rayagopura is a structure with detailed and intricate carvings. Rayagopura means a gateway or the royal tower, started during the Vijaynagar empire but the construction was never completed. Now in ruins, it has been featured in many Indian movies.

Restaurants and Local Food in Melukote

Maddur Tiffany serves wholesome Kannadiga meals or snacks. Their idli is quite famous. There are many other small eateries around the town. This town is also renowned for a special style of making Pulyogare, a famous recipe for a rice-dish in this region.
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What's Great?

Being a town ridden with four thousand years of stories, Melkote can provide ample historic exposure. The crafted temples, the local community and food is a must to do while staying in Melkote

What's Not So Great?

Shopping in Melkote is not a great option. Also, there is no adventure sports in the sightseeing areas. Nightlife in Melukote is not an attractive part of Melukote.

How To Reach Melukote

The nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport (Bangalore). The nearest railway station is Mandya Railway Station, about 50 km from the town. 

To reach Melukote, one can either board a bus from Bangalore (133 km) or Mysore (51 km). 

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