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Kampung Hulu Mosque, Melaka Overview

Built between 1720 and 1728, Kampung Hulu Mosque is the oldest functioning mosque in Melaka and Malaysia. There are three ascending layers of pyramidal levels with winged roofs, separated by gaps to allow the free flow of air and light. Each level has its spiritual significance. The distinct ceramics in the mosque are imported materials from the Chinese Qing Dynasty.

Being commissioned during the rule of the Dutches, who propagated cross-cultural influences, the mosque has a mix of Malaysian, Javanese, and Islamic architecture. The minaret of the mosque, used for daily prayers, is built in pagoda style, resembling the look of Balai Nobat. The levels of the mosque signify the human spirit’s journey to the Almighty. The top layer symbolizes God or one’s faith, the level below that is human’s relationships with each other, and the base floor is the nature that connects humans to God. Each level is held up and connected with the one above with columns. 

A small section of the porch, that serves as iwan, juts out from the front of the mosque. Dato Haji Shamsuddin was entrusted with the building of the mosque. It was later renovated in 1892. There is an ancient cemetery beside the mosque where some eminent maulvis and missionaries have been laid to rest.

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