Weather in Malacca in October - Things to Do, Events & Festivals

Malacca experiences tropical and dry weather in October with an average temperature of around 30⁰C around the day. The minimum temperature stoops to around 22⁰C in the night hours and the maximum soars to 35⁰C during afternoon hours. With an average rainfall of 213 mm, October can make you witness some periodic showers making the weather humid at times. However, it is the perfect month to plan a holiday in October to Melaka as the water temperature also varies from 26⁰C to 28⁰C making it appropriate for a swim session.

Places to Visit in Melaka in October

1. The Stadthuys

Clocktower at The Stadhuys
Stadthuys is one of the popular destinations in the Melaka city due to its intricate architecture, red façade and a clock tower. In October, the beauty and the colour of the red facade shine making it more picturesque and worth visiting in that month. Built during the colonial period of Dutch rule, it was used as an administrative building for a longer time. However, it now has establishments of History and Ethnography Museum making it a famous tourist spot.
Timings: 09:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Weekdays)09:00 AM – 8:30 PM (Weekends)
Entry Fee: RM 5
Location: Dutch Square Or Red Square, The Stadthuys, Melaka Malaysia 

2. Malacca River 

Melaka river
Melaka River, one of the most beautiful sightseeing areas in the city of Melaka allures in the month of October in the sunny weather. Explore the city by boarding a river cruise and capture the scenic view of river Melaka. You may also plan a night time dinner on the cruise to experience the illuminated beauty of Melaka.
Timings of Melaka river cruise: 09:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Entry Fee of Melaka river cruise: RM 30 (Adults), RM 25 (Children)  

3. Chinatown

Sprawled over 3 streets of Melaka, Chinatown is a one stop destination to know all about Chinese culture, traditions, heritage and food. Moreover, October calls for sunny weather with less chances of rain, hence hailing all the streets and shopping in pleasant weather makes it worth visiting. Extremely picturesque with articulate Chinese sculptures, explore the streets of Chinatown by visiting historical temples, shopping some Chinese antiques and even relishing Chinese street food.
Location: Jonker streets, Melaka, Malaysia 

4. Malacca Straits Mosque

Melaka straits Mosque
Malacca Straits Mosque is a masterpiece located on the shore of an artificial island of Central Melaka. This gold domed mosque appears heavenly in the dusk and dawn time with sun making it glitter beautifully. In October, when water level rises, it appears like a floating building amidst the serene water.
Timings: 09:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Jalan Pulau Melaka 8, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

5. A’famosa Fort

A Famosa fort
Inspired by the Portuguese architecture, A’famosa fort is one of the most ancient settlements in Malacca standing gracefully with ample of capturing sights which shines brightly in October. If you are around Afamosa, then do visit St. Paul's Church to feel the spirituality and embrace the historical European architecture.  
Location: Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia 

Things to Do in Malacca in October

1. Experience a picturesque view at Taming Sari Revolving Tower

Taming Sari revolving Tower
Taming Sari Revolving Tower is a popular spot in Malacca at a soaring height of 110 meters giving a panoramic view of the city in a 7 minutes ride. With a seating of 66 passengers in a single go, it will give an enchanting and thrilling experience in Melaka in the pleasant and sunny weather of October.

2. Hike towards Bukit China

Chinese grave on Bukit China
China Hill or Bukit China is a pretty lush green hill with the largest Chinese cemetery from the Ming Dynasty era. Moreover, the greenery intensifies and the floral beauty can be spotted on the hiking path in October. If you are in the city of Melaka in October, then pack your bags for a hiking tour and some historical exploration. 

3. Visit the Melaka Zoo

Birds at Melaka Zoo
A day trip at Melaka Zoo, Malaysia’s second largest zoo can be planned for exploring about the extinct and indigenous species of animals in a forestland. With bright sunny weather, it becomes easy to spot all the animals who hide in the monsoon weather, hence October can be the best month for proper fauna exploration. You can also enjoy a day picnic near the beautiful scenic lake in the forest or a night visit to know more about the nocturnal animals. 

4. Taste the authentic flavours of Nonya Food

Authentic Nonya food
Nonya food – a fusion of Malaysian and Chinese flavours is a must try in the city of Melaka. Head to any restaurant serving Nonya food and treat your taste buds with some exotic nonya dishes like Fish Head Curry, cendol, and many more.

5. Explore historical museums around Melaka

Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum
Melaka is rich in historical heritage and culture which can be explored by visiting some beautiful museums in the city. From visiting A Famosa fort for admiring Portuguese culture to exploring the Prison Museum, Melaka leaves no stone unturned to surprise you with historical museums. Without the fear of frequent showers, explore all the museums, because it is the month of October !!

Festivals in Malacca in October

Moon Cake Festival

Mooncake festival and cultural night
Celebrated on the full moon night in October, it is an ancient Chinese festival celebrated vibrantly in Malaysia. Experience the beautifully decorated lanes with lanterns, play rummy and indulge in moon cake treat on the streets of Melaka in October during Moon Cake Festival. Exciting? Isn’t it?   

Don’t wait, just pack your bags with some beachwear and head to Malacca for a great time in October.

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