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Melaka Sultanate Palace, Melaka Overview

Melaka Sultanate Palace is located in Melaka City and is a tribute to the Melaka Sultanate. It lies at the foot of St. Paul’s Hill and offers an insight into the ancient Malay Kingdom that existed in Malacca.

The Melaka Sultanate Palace is a replica of the palace of Sultan Mansur Shah’s palace during the 15th century. The regal palace was constructed with traditional architectural methods and was built without the use of a single nail. The palace is supported by wooden pillars and is covered by a copper roof.

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Exploring the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum

  • The museum was built from the information derived from the Malay Annals, which helped the architects build a replica of the original palace design.
  • The cultural museum is built using wooden pegs and follows the architectural style of the Malacca Sultanate Era.
  • The interior of the museum shows a class of fine workmanship and pays attention to delicate details.
  • The museum consists of three levels and is divided into eight chambers.
  • Each chamber has its own set of artefacts such as weaponry, decorative arts, jewelry, brassware and many more.
  • It is also home to three galleries which feature legendary clashes between legendary Malaysian warriors Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat.
  • The second biographical exhibit in the Palace is of Tun Kundo, a noblewoman, which is located on the second floor of the building.
  • The museum features more than 1350 artifacts and photographs detailing the Sultanate’s history and regime. It features the Throne Room and the Royal Bedchamber among several other artifacts belonging to the royal household.
  • Visitors can also find traditional Malay costumes that have historical significance on display in the museum.
  • Weapons used by Malay warriors during the Sultanate regime can also be found in the premises of the museum.

How to Reach

Since it is located on St. Paul’s hill, a popular place in Melaka, reaching the museum shouldn’t be any problem. One can hire a taxi, as the transportation facilities around these parts aren’t developed yet.

Need to Know

Visitors are recommended to visit St. Paul’s Church which is located on top of St. Paul’s hill since both these attractions are located on the same hill.

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