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Red Square, Melaka Overview

The Dutch Square of Melaka is located in Bandar Hilir and is the most famous landmark. The square is surrounded by buildings painted in red, which gives rise to its popular name Red Square. One of the most picturesque points of Malacca, the most prominent building of Dutch Square is Stadthuys.

Built between the 1660s and 1700s, the red buildings are characterized by large windows and wrought iron hedges. The entire area of Dutch Square has a vibrant surrounding and can always be seen buzzing with tourists. A major highlight of the Red Square is the Queen Victoria Fountain, standing proudly at its centre. The century-old fountain was built in 1901 to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria.

The red buildings and surrounding make the Dutch square a popular place for clicking photographs. It is also popular for souvenir shopping.

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Attractions at Dutch Square

Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower: The Clock Tower is located at the center of the Dutch Square and is named after Chinese billionaire Tan Beng Swee. It is popularly known as the Red Clock Tower and is a famous landmark due to its unique architecture and symbolic value. 

Stadthuys: The Stadthuys was used as a town hall during the British colonial rule and served as a residential complex for Dutch governors. The building has now been converted into a collection of several museums. 

Christ Church: It faces the Queen Victoria Fountain and is also the oldest Protestant Church in Malaysia. The church pays homage to World War veterans 2 by putting up plaques on the walls recording the events and deaths of World War 2. Interestingly, the red bricks used for the construction of the church were shipped all the way from Holland.

Queen Victoria Fountain: The fountain was built in 1901 in honor of Queen Victoria and is one of the last architectural footprints of the colonial British Power in Malaysia. The fountain functions still date and makes for a good backdrop for photographs near the Dutch Square.

Malaysia Youth Museum and Art Gallery: The Museum was built in 1784 and is located between Christ Church and Laksamana Road. It was used a Dutch Administrative Complex and a school, before finally being converted into a museum.

Souvenir Shops: The lane between Christ Church and Stadthuys is well known for its souvenir shops. These shops sell a wide variety of mementos and are quite popular among visitors.

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