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San Agustin Museum, Manila Overview

Located adjacent to San Agustin Church on the General Luna St. in Intramuros in Manila, San Agustin Museum is a stunning museum which is a treasure trove of religious art pieces showcasing the rich history of Catholicism in the Philippines. Known to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it boasts of stunning Baroque architecture. The gallery and the hallways are adorned with paintings of the saints. The rooms which were occupied by the friars as their sleeping quarters, now showcase sculptures and other art pieces and antiques collected from around the world. The most popular relics include ceramics, liturgical goods, botanical drawings, and antique furniture etc. The first floor has a room from where you can see the interior of the church. These enticing interiors have ceilings which look like they have been carved in great details. However, it is actually Trompe-l’œil that is a visual delight and is amazing to look at.

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General Overview of the San Agustin Museum

San Agustin Museum is built in the shape of a square with a large courtyard in the centre. The room near the entrance has an enormous bell which weighs 3400 kg. Other than that, the museum is spread over two storeys, has four corridors or hallways, and various rooms that display different antiques and relics. Here’s taking you through the rooms of the museum, one at a time.

Ground Floor

  1. Sala De La Capitulacion
    It is believed that this was the very room where the terms and conditions of the surrender to the Americans in 1898 were drafted. It has church artefacts, sculptures, and other small relics and antiques.
  2. Sacristy
    This room has more of paintings and sculptures and statues. The highlight of the room is the golden altar which was made in 1620. The altar boasts of 22 gold niches.
  3. Refactory - Sala Profundis/Crypt
    This is the room which was the dinner room for the priests. It is believed that they used to take their meals here. Now it has been converted into a mausoleum and has various tombs. The room also boasts of a spectacular ceiling which has been done up in beautiful Aztec frescoes.
After circuiting the ground floor, you are supposed to take the vintage old staircase to the first floor. The staircase is also really impressive and is made in 44 pieces of Chinese granite which are believed to have been imported from Canton in 1780.

First Floor

  1. San Pablo Hall
    This is the first room in the queue on the first floor. The highlight of the room is the scaled model of the San Agustin Church & Museum other than several paintings and sculptures.
  2. San Agustin Hall
    This is primarily a photo room which has pictures and portraits of several churches that were built by the Augustinians all through the country.
  3. Porcelain Room
    The Porcelain Room has collections of artefacts, relics and antiques from the Chinese - Philippine trading.
  4. Biblioteca
    This room houses the ancient books and notes from the olden times.
  5. Orator / Antechior / Choirloft
    This is the room from where you can enjoy an overview of the interior of the church. You can gawk at the beautiful ceiling of the church which is a visual delight.
  6. Church Vestments
    This is the room which houses the garments and all the clothes ever worn by the official priests. All the garments are made in heavy fabric and are look pretty grandiose and regal.
There is also a garden adjacent to the museum known as Father Blanco’s Garden. Considered a beautiful oasis in between the crowded city, the garden is mostly used for weddings and general recreational.

History of San Agustin Museum

The building was initially a monastery that was first constructed in 1571. In the following years, the building was brought down by fire twice, causing complete damage and destruction. Finally, the current standing building was built in 1587 complete with archways, pathways, galleries and sleeping quarters for the friars. The monastery that was converted into the museum in 1973.


  1. The museum observes a No Photography policy. You can although click pictures in the hallways and outside. 
  2. Any luggage is not allowed inside the museum.. You can leave it at the reception and get a token for the same.

How to Reach

The church and the museum can be reached on foot from anywhere in Intramuros. Although, the easiest way to visit is on a guided city tour, but you can also visit without the tour. The nearest station is Central Terminal located on LRT 1. You can also reach here in a jeepney. The Pier jeepney route crosses the front of Manila Cathedral. The museum is a short walk from there.

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