Shopping in Mangalore - The Ultimate Guide To Shopping In Mangalore

Mangalore might not sound like a shopper's heaven, but it indeed features an incredible line-up of local markets that provide you with a truly local experience that percolates down even into the exotic products offered there. All you need to do is take a small walk down the market alley, and you'll be instantly drawn to everything sold at the roadside stalls.

Here's a round-up of the must-visit markets for shopping in Mangalore that colour the streets of this coastal landmark.

1. Central Market

With an array of vendors offering affordable buys at competitive prices, Central Market can be rightly referred to as a mall on the street.  Living up to its name, this golden street is situated right in the heart of Mangalore and serves as the primary market hub of the town. Right from affordable fashion to poultry, vegetables, meats, and fruits, the Central market offers everything under one roof. The best part of it all- each vendor here is eager to close in onto deals. Thus, bargaining thrives in the air of this market. A lot of vendors also sell Ayurvedic medicines and spices. A wide variety of lifestyle products can be bought at subpar prices. Cashews and other nuts are also sold in this market at competitive prices. Visit this central hub of Mangalore to save big and have an excellent time diving into the lifestyle of the city!
Timings: 5:00 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. For buying vegetables, early morning is the best time due to the arrival of fresh stock. The rest of the bustling market can be visited at any slot of a day.
What to Buy: Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry

Central Market, Shopping in Mangalore
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2. Hampankatta Market

Just like the Central Market, Hampankatta Market is also an ideal place to get a taste of the traditions of Mangalore. Bustling with energy throughout the day, this market offers a diverse array of vegetables, fruits, spices and other lifestyle commodities. However, the primary significant selling point of this market is not the presence of these nomadic vendors, but also the line-up of other prominent shops established in the vicinity. The primary attraction of this marketplace is the Milagres Store which is known to be the one-stop-shop for all your needs. To complete your visit to this bustling market, pay a trip or two to The Taj Mahal Sweet Shop and Ideal's Ice-Cream Parlor to satisfy those sugar cravings. Taj Mahal Sweet Shop is recognised for offering some of the most scrumptious sweets in the town. Don't forget to collect some souvenirs while you're strolling through the market.
Timings: The market is open roughly from 5:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Nevertheless, each shop at this market follows an independent schedule.
What to Buy: Sweets

Hampankatta Market, Shopping in Mangalore
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3. Seafood Market

Being a coastal town, Mangalore is famous for its seafood market. All over the city, you will find fishermen and fisherwomen dotting the streets with a variety of fishes lined in front of them. From prawns to lobsters, crabs, squids, oysters and fresh-water fishes, this market has an endless range to offer a seafood enthusiast. Get a taste of the local seafood and pamper your taste buds with an altogether different experience.
Timings: There is no strictly decided timing for this market as individual vendors set-up their temporary stalls whenever they collect the stock of seafood. You will undoubtedly find a few vendors if you visit anytime between 5:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M.
Seafood Market, Shopping in Mangalore
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4. Badangupet Market

Another bustling marketplace in the town of Mangalore, Badagupet is a one-stop-street for every shopping need. Start from the jewellery stores here. You could go to the branded ones that light up these streets or even the local ones that offer you products at slightly cut-down prices. Here, you can also shop the gorgeous Mangalore silk sarees, renowned all across the country. The road is coloured with an assortment of lifestyle vendors who provide excellent products at surprisingly affordable prices. The marketplace is complete with its groceries and meat stores that ensure to make Badagupet a complete street-mall. Visit Badagupet, especially their clothed-offerings to complete your local shopping experience in this vibrant town.
Timings: Most shops in this area close by 8:30 P.M. The market opens early in the morning around 6:00 A.M. However, most jewellery stores and silk shops open only after 8:00 A.M.
What to Buy: Silk Sarees

Badangupet Market, Shopping in Mangalore
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5. Dubai Market

Mangalore has some small shops that have blossomed over the years and you will find a lot of these in the infamous Dubai Market. On the market road, you will find an odd assortment of shops which include utensil shops, toy shops, stationery shops as well as electronics shops. The electronics shops here has flourished over the years are all competitive with their prices and are well-known for selling electronic items at cheaper rates as well as second-hand mobile phones. You will also find items covering household needs as well as electronics for student projects. There are some popular apparel shops in the Dubai Market like Priyadarshini, Kulyadikars, Kala Niketan etc. There are ice cream parlours strategically placed in the area, to cool you off post-shopping. The Dubai Market is located rightly in the centre of the city, which keeps the crowd high at all times. If you are looking to repair or exchange your phone or want to buy some accessories for your phone, you don't need to search anymore. Dubai Market is where you will get all these things done.
Timings: 9 AM to 10 PM
What to Buy: utensils, toys, stationery, electronic goods

6. Malls in Mangalore

If you thought that street shopping is the only mainstay of Mangalore, then get ready to be surprised. Mangalore is known for its extensive malls that offer an unforgettable shopping experience. Fifth largest mall in Karnataka, City Center Mall which covers a whopping 850,000 square meters is situated at KS Rao Road. The mall offers you everything from Hypermarket to Reliance group of shops, from Haunted Houses to Interactive Gaming Centers and so much more. Another place to consider spending your downtime would be the Empire Mall. This mall resides right on the busiest street in Mangalore: The MG Road.

Malls in Mangalore, Shopping in Mangalore
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Top Things to Buy in Mangalore

1. Electronic items
2. Mobile Repairing
3. Mobile phone accessories
4. Second-hand mobiles and laptops
5. Watches
6. Toys
7. Clothes
8. Cosmetics

Altogether, this beautiful coastal city of Mangalore is undoubtedly a great place to get yourself enthralled as you spend your day exploring shopping options on these busy streets of the city. While shopping at these local markets, you could get the most precise local Indian shopping experience where you could enhance your bargaining skills as well. Build some long-lasting memories as you spend time strolling at these market hotspots in Mangalore and make your trip to this township a memorable one.

Written by: Anjali Lakhi

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