Places To Visit in Bahrain

Here are the top 27 tourist places in Bahrain

1. Bahrain

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Bahrain is a small Island nation tucked away in the Persian gulf sharing its borders with Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is an archipelago of 50 natural islands and 33 artificial islands. Manama is the capital and the largest city. Bahrain is known for its desert vegetation, adventure activities in...

Best Time: December to March

2. Manama

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Manama might lack Dubai or Doha's sophistication, but therein lies its own personal charm. There is a lot more to the city than meets the eye. Manama retains a charm, very different from its Middle Eastern counterparts. Complete with divine cuisine and vivacious art and culture, the city makes for a...

Best Time: November to February

3. Arad Fort

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Places to visit in Bahrain

One of the oldest and smallest forts in Bahrain, Arad fort is located behind Seef Mall Muharraq, just by the sea. The fort offers some of the most picturesque views of the city from the top. It is a defense fort strategically built as a sea passage and can be seen as the best example of Omani Milita...

4. Reef Island

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Located on the Northern shores of Manama, Reef island is just a stone’s throw away from the new Bahrain Financial Harbor. Its proximity to the capital and tropical island atmosphere makes it an ideal blend of accessibility and luxury. The island's convenient location is enjoyed by both residents and...

5. Al-Khamis Mosque

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Bahrain's first and oldest mosque, Al-Khamis is located in Bilad AL Qadim on Sheikh Salman Highway. It is at its fullest on Thursday, as this is a special day for the mosque. It was a place of worship until the 1960s before it was restored and is now considered the epitome of faith and architecture.

6. Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Fort

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Fort, also known as Riffa Fort because of its location, offers the best view of the Hunanaiya Valley. The fort is situated on a cliff overlooking the low desert valley that separates the old town of East Riffa from the new town of West Riffa. The fort is also significant in B...

7. Marassi Beach

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Included in some of the nicest and cleanest beaches in Bahrain, Marassi Beach is a private beach located in Diyar Al-Muharraq, the northeastern corner of Bahrain. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, the beach offers jet skis, paddle boats and kayaks for water adventure enthusiasts to rent. The b...

8. Durrat Al Bahrain

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Durrat Al Bahrain, a group of artificial islands, is located at the southern end of Bahrain and is appreciated for its beauty. One can access the islands via a causeway from Bahrain Island. The islands include villas with sea and beach views, mosques, shops, sports facilities, restaurants, some brid...

9. Bahrain Pearling Trail

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Places to visit in Bahrain

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bahrain Pearling Path is located in Muharraq island, close to Manama. The Path extends to 3.5 km and includes historic squares and buildings. Some sites and houses on the path are open for public viewing including Bu Mahir Visitor Center, Qal’at Bu Mahir, Pearling Path ...

10. Indoor Skydiving

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Indoor skydiving is an experience that enables one to fly against gravity with the help of a high-pressure wind tunnel. The nativity lasts for about 1-2 minutes. The session is conducted under the guidance of a certified coach, and it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing while partaking in th...

11. Pearl Diving

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Bahrain being popular for its some of the most natural and beautiful pearls across the globe, is a perfect place to pearl dive. The clear, blue waters of Bahrain are home to pearl-bearing molluscs, which are hunted in this activity. There are several tours or diving agencies that arrange for the act...

12. Scuba Diving

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Places to visit in Bahrain

The exploring adventure of Scuba diving is popular in Bahrain as the country offers miles of the turquoise-blue clear sea with an ecstatic flora and fauna. Scuba Diving organizers usually provide courses for snorkelling as well as deep diving. Diving gear is included in the dive charges, and there a...

13. Falconry

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Places to visit in Bahrain

The sport of falconry has been popular among people of the emirates for ages. Different schools in Bahrain offer certification or courses in Falconry lasting from 3 to 6 months, but tourists can witness the outdoor training sessions from the school, if they are lucky, for free. To experience the bon...

14. Prince Khalifah Bin Salman Park

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Located in Al Hidd, along Prince Khalifah Bin Salman Causeway, the park is a great place to host a day-out. It is close to places like Seef Mall, Bahrain Mall and the Bahrain National Museum. In addition, this serene spot offers a panoramic view of Manama by the Sea. People drop by Prince Khalifah B...

15. Al Jazair Public Beach

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Nestled in Zallaq, Al Jazair is an iconic beach spread across 2.5 kms in Bahrain. Located a little distant from the city center, it provides solace and is a great place for running owing to its hard sand. However, the beach does not enjoy many facilities like cafés, eateries, or even restrooms. The ...

16. Karbabad Beach

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Karbabad Beach is located in the historical village of the Bahrain Kingdom, Karbabad, along the Persian Gulf and enjoys vicinity to Qal'at al-Bahrain, a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site. The beach stretches 1 kilometer and is considered a great place to run. Karbabad beach is usually quiet, eve...

17. Bahrain Bay Beach

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Bahrain Bay Beach is a popular beach in Manama and is a tourist favorite for its stunning sunset and Bahraini landscapes. This beach is studded with resorts and hotels owing to its close vicinity to the city center. Tourists can enjoy a dip or even partake in a few watersports at Bahrain Bay Beach.

18. Malkiya Beach

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Nestled in the Al Malikiyah region, this public beach is a great family spot in Bahrain. The beach offers rental boats and watersports equipment at reasonable prices. Moreover, you can witness the magnificent sunset from the beach backed by the Bahraini Skyline.

19. Dohat and Prak

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Dohat and Prak is a marine reserve spread across 3 kms in Central Bahrain. This reserve is home to several marine species, with restaurants, statement fountains, and shaded chairs. The reserve also has four spectacular bridges, one of which connects the reserve with Muharraq. Dohat is considered a g...

20. Andalus Garden

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Located in the Manama region, Andalus Garden boasts a front view of the Nile. The famous attractions of this garden are built in Andalusian architecture with a hint of designs from Moorish Spain. This preserved oasis is an excellent retreat from the busy streets of Bahrain.

21. Tasneem Zoo

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Tasneem Zoo boasts a variety of birds and animals, including reptiles and peacocks. Nestled in the Shakhurah region of central Bahrain, Tasneem Zoo also houses a restaurant offering a variety of snacks and a plethora of kids’ special meals. Moreover, Tasneem offers visitors with fresh and organic pl...

22. Funland Center - Bowling & Ice Skating

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Located in close vicinity of the Bahrain Museum in Manama, Funland Center is famous for its 18 top-class bowling lanes, ice skating arena and arcade area. The place offers snooker, massage chairs, football hand machines, basketball hand machines among others. The recreational center is suitable for ...

23. King Faisal Corniche

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Places to visit in Bahrain

The unique and vibrant beachfront of King Faisal Corniche is spread across 67,000 sqm and is nestled in the Manama region of Bahrain. Overlooking the sea and skyscrapers of Bahrain, the beachfront is well-lit with colorful lights at night. With benches, palm trees and coloured pathways, King Faisal ...

24. Dry Dock Beach

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Located in the Al Hidd region of Bahrain, Dry Dock Beach is a quaint and picturesque beach studded with palm trees and cobbled pathways. This beach is not trendy amongst locals anymore, but tourists can visit it for a quiet day bathing in the sun along the sand and the beach. Beach huts at Dry Dock ...

25. Sitra Park

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Places to visit in Bahrain

Sitra park is one of the largest recreational parks in Bahrain. Nestled in the Nabih Saleh island, accessible via Sitra bridge, Sitra Park is a perfect place for a day out in Bahrain. With several walkways for running and jogging, play areas and eateries for children backed by lush green fields and ...

26. Hawar Island

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Places to visit in Bahrain

6 major and 30 smaller islands make up the Hawar Islands of Bahrain, a 30 minute ride from Manama by boat. These islands are the perfect place for nature lovers to experience a quaint life in the middle of nowhere. Home to endangered species like dugong (sea cows), Oryx, and various rare birds, Hawa...

27. A’Ali Pottery District

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Places to visit in Bahrain

A’Ali is a major town nestled in the north of Bahrain, popular for its age-old pottery traditions. Handcrafted pottery of A’Ali is famous worldwide, and visitors can shop these artifacts in the local market at reasonable prices. The pottery-making workshops at A’Ali have been hosted by families for ...

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FAQs on Bahrain

What is the currency of Bahrain?

The currency of Bahrain is Dinar and it is the third most valued currency in the world.Notes are available in the denomination of 1/2 , 1, 5 ,10 and 20. Coins - 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 fils. You can find ATM' S everywhere and dispensing cash will not be an issue.

What is the history of Bahrain?

Bahrain is a constitutional monarchy. It has been one of the most vital commerical hubs because of its connectivity to other countries. It was one of the first Arab nations to discover oil and ever since, oil reserves have been a major contributor to the growth of economy. Ongoing Constitutional, democratic and cultural reforms have given Bahrain a distinct reputation.

What is unique about culture of Bahrain?

Muslims make up the majority of the population and expatriate christians account for a majority of christianity population. There has been an increase in the number of Indian, Filipino and Sri lankan immigrants in the recent years. The official language of Bahrain is Arabic and English is also widely spoken. Most of the road signs are bilingual which is helpful for tourists. Unlike its other Islamic counterparts, Bahrain is considered to be tolerant towards other faiths and does not thrust strict attire rules making it a western friendly nation.

How is Bahrain divided into regions?

Bahrain is a very small country in terms of area and the major areas include Manama ( the capital city ) , Muharraq ( known for the souk ) , Isa town (traditional market place) Hamad town , Amwaj Islands , Riffah and Hawar Islands which is a popular destination for bird watchers. Bahrain is famous for its forts , museums , man made islands and pearl diving .
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