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Places To Visit in Bahrain

Continent: Asia

Here are the top 2 tourist places in Bahrain

1. Bahrain

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The Kingdom of Bahrain is a Middle-Eastern island nation, an archipelago of thirty-three islands bordering Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This desert island is a diverse society that brings immigrants from all the other six continents to live together harmoniously, boasting of a high standard of living and...

Best Time: December to March

2. Manama

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Places To Visit in Bahrain 8
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Manama might lack Dubai or Doha's sophistication, but therein lies its own personal charm. There is a lot more to the city than meets the eye. Manama retains a charm, very different from its Middle Eastern counterparts. Complete with divine cuisine and vivacious art and culture, the city makes for a...

Best Time: November to February

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