What is the best time to visit Malampuzha?

August to April are the best months to visit Malampuzha, as it is during this time when the town is embraced by the mild winters, right after the end of a hot and humid summer season. Many activities and events such as Ox racing, Kalpathi Ratholsavam, annual chariot festival at Viswanatha temple, along with the Onam season contribute to the festive spirit of the region.

Weather in Malampuzha


Upcoming Malampuzha Weather

Monthly Weather in Malampuzha

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 22 32
February 22 33
March 24 34
April 26 36
May 25 34
June 24 32
July 24 31
August 24 31
September 23 31
October 24 32
November 23 32
December 22 31

Malampuzha in Winter (September - March)

Winters in Malampuzha are known for its delightful weather, making the city very popular among tourists who love going outdoors during winters. Being in proximity to the coastline, the city is blessed with cool and comfortable temperatures. It is indeed a great time for checking out the city, which is why it is a peak tourist season month. January welcomes new year with a pleasant weather when one can enjoy the days and night alike. By the end of March summer starts to set in, so tourists can enjoy their last share of winter from February and March.
Winter afternoon, Malampuzha dam

Malampuzha in Monsoon (June - August)

Kerala experiences heavy monsoon and the intensity of rain in Malampuzha during monsoons can throw tourists off guard, resulting in a delay in their travel plans. Monsoon hit kerala in September with intermittent showers that start picking up as the month approaches its end. The rains enhances the beauty of Malampuzha. However, October experiences relentless rainfall leading to roadblocks that hinders all outdoor activities and sightseeing. Hence, Monsoons are not an ideal time to visit Malampuzha.
Malampuzha, Monsoon evening

Malampuzha in Summer (April - May)

Summers are not considered an ideal time for planning a trip to Malampuzha because of lesser possibilities of engaging in outdoor activities like sightseeing. April is the onset of the summer season in Malampuzha with extreme heat and high humidity levels. By June, the temperature soothes down with warm, pleasant weather. This is also the blooming season in Malampuzha when tourists can explore and sightsee. Furthermore, the abundance of off-season discounts attracts budget travellers by providing them with an entirely new incentive to visit.
Malampuzha Dam, Summer afternoon

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