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This park is situated next to the Malampuzha Dam and Malampuzha Gardens. Snake park is the park of snake resue and rehabilation maintained by the government of the Keral. The park is well known for the two King Cobras which stay in two air conditioned rooms.

There are many other poisonous and non poisonous snakes and reptiles which are fostered with utmost care. Other than the snakes one can also find crocodiles. Also for safety there are boards pasted around the cages that tell visitors what to do in case of snake bite.

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variety of snakes

The snake park is famous for the two king cobra snakes that are kept in two air - conditioned places . Along with them there are many poisonous and non poisonous snakes that are kept with utmost safety and care . Along with snakes one can find reptiles , crocodiles . apart from them three pythons are left free on the trees . Tortortises and non venemous snakes are also found . from the information is is found that two king cobras are taken from South Malampuzha on May 15th, 2010o( male cobra ) and Kava Ashramam on July 18th, 2006.(female king kobra )

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camesra are allowed

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