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How to Reach Majorca from India

For people travelling from India, there are no direct flights. One can reach Barcelona and then travel to Majorca by flight or by ferry.

Visa Policy for Indians

Indians can apply for a tourist visa which has a maximum stay of 90 days. The fees for tourist visa is 4388 INR. The visa application form can be downloaded from this website.

How to reach Majorca by flight

There are various frequent flights connecting major European cities to Palma de Mallorca airport. There are many discount airlines that have daily flights. There are also some flights from Ibiza and Menorca, but the prices are almost double than the price of the ferries from these islands. From the Sent Joan airport, there are public buses that run directly to central Palma.

Local transport in Majorca

Most of the places in the city can be accessed by bus and there are other options of transport between the major holiday resorts. Some of the bus routes are not served on Sundays, in lower season and during the night. The schedules of the buses are available online. Cars can be hired in different tourist towns, especially along the beach. One of the best options is taking an organized tour by the official tour guide centre in Majorca.

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