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The local cuisine in Lucerne concentrates on the importance of homegrown and fresh foods. As is obvious, Swiss food is going to be loaded with cheese. The Luzerner Ch˘gelipastete is a local delicacy and you should also try the Pear Bread. Some popular local restaurants include Taube, and Dean and David, which is known great fresh food and isn't heavy on the wallet.

Food for Indians in Lucerne

As far as Indian foods go, there are not many options in Lucerne. However, Gourmindia on Baselstrasse 31 is quite a popular Indian restaurant, and Mirch Masala on Loewengraben 8 is also an option. Vegetarian and vegan food is also available in the city. Gourmindia in fact is a vegetarian restaurant. And otherwise Restaurant Geismatt is a popular choice for vegetarian local cuisine.

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